Harley-Davidson Partners With Lego To Build A Fat Boy

But this build is a bricked-up scale-size Lego Creator Expert model.

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy and scale LEGO model.
Lego and Harley have teamed up to recreate a scale model of the Fat Boy, brick by tiny brick and complete with working pieces.Harley-Davidson

What do you get when you mash together an iconic motorcycle with an iconic, er, toy? The Lego Group has done just that with its latest Lego Creator Expert model which just happens to be a brick-by-brick Harley-Davidson Fat Boy.

The two mega-brands teamed up to develop this super-detailed Lego interpretation of the iconic Milwaukee model. The Lego Creator series are more specialized than the generic sets, while the Creator Expert sets delve even deeper into the weeds, offering a wide variety of modular buildings and lifelike automotive recreations using the Lego bricks. This latest offering in the Lego empire serves up a pretty realistic take on an iconic American motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson and LEGO Fat Boy collaboration on white background.
The new Lego Fat Boy set uses more than 1,000 pieces to recreate one of Milwaukee’s most iconic models.Harley-Davidson and LEGO

Some of the intricacies of the Lego Creator Expert Harley-Davidson Fat Boy include solid-disc Lakester wheels, teardrop fuel tank with printed Harley-Davidson logos, and a Milwaukee-Eight engine. The really cool part is the Milwaukee-Eight V-twin which sports moving pistons that engage when you spin the rear wheel. The handlebar turns the front wheel, you can move the gearshift and the kickstand also deploys. You even get dual exhausts and levers for the transmission and brakes, all capped off by the same Wicked Red color scheme as the actual bike too. The bricked-up bike model measures more than 7 inches high, 7 inches wide, and 12 inches long, and, with 1,023 pieces in the box, it'll probably make for a nice long afternoon of assembly.

Harley-Davidson and LEGO Fat Boy collaboration rear view on white background.
This bricked-up Fat Boy features a number of moving parts including the wheels, pistons, gearshift, and kickstand. The Lakester wheels are a nice touch too.Harley-Davidson

“Bringing this Harley-Davidson motorcycle to life in brick form is incredibly exciting,” said Mike Psiaki, design master at Lego Group. “The model truly captures the iconic design, advanced engineering, and attention to detail of this iconic motorcycle, offering an immersive building experience and a unique collector’s item for Harley-Davidson enthusiasts and Lego fans of all ages.”

As if that weren’t enough, a bunch of Lego Master Builders also assembled a full-size Fat Boy out of Lego bricks to commemorate this new offering. Yeah, this one is just a bit more complex than the Creator Expert set, needing more than 69,000 pieces (many of them custom designed just for the project) and demanding 865 hours to put together. There’s no real engine, but it has silver-coated parts, and sound and light effects. You may even get a chance to see it, as it’ll be touring around the country to various locations over the next few months.

Lego Harley-Davidson Fat Boy box.
One of the most intricate Lego sets yet? Possibly. You can see for yourself when the Lego Fat Boy goes on sale this August.Harley-Davidson

The Lego Creator Expert Fat Boy model rings in at an enticing $99.99 in good old American cash and will hit Lego stores, its retail website, and Harley dealers and harley-davidson.com on August 1, 2019 (though VIP members will be able to snag one on July 17).

Check out the video here.