Harley-Davidson Museum Releases... Rivets

"Living the Legend" Commemorative 100th Anniversary rivets ordered by June 15 will be installed in time for the 110th Anniversary Celebration in Milwaukee

Harley seems to have no trouble finding ever more unique ways to help enthusiasts celebrate the Motor Company's 110th Anniversary. This time out, the Harley-Davidson Museum is providing a unique way to add a message to its "Living the Legend" Rivet Wall. That's right -- in honor of the 110th Anniversary, the Museum has released commemorative 110th rivet (pictured below) that can be customized with a personal message. All rivets purchased by June 15 will be engraved and installed at the Harley-Davidson Museum in time for the 110th Anniversary Celebration in Milwaukee over Labor Day Weekend -- so uh, better hurry if you're interested in that sort of thing. The Rivet Wall is a focal point of the Museum's 20-acre campus and currently displays more than 4,000 rivets.

The actual "Living the Legend" rivets are made of a super strong, electro-polished stainless steel and are available in 3-inch and 6-inch sizes. An online tool helps people create and review their message prior to manufacturing of the piece. A 3-inch rivet will set you back $250 ( including three lines of copy, the etching and installation at the Museum), while a larger 6-inch version costs a whopping $1,500 (with space for four lines of text. All rivets are mounted on curved iron wall outside the Harley-Davidson Museum.

If that's too pricy for you, or you don't want to make the trip, the MoCo also has some 110th Anniversary flag kits available with mounts for Tour-Paks, saddlebags or sissybars (See? No shortage of celebration opportunities).

The 110th Anniversary Flag and Mast Kits from Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories are made with high-quality nylon for durability and feature the 110th Anniversary logo (a nice complement to the badging on 2013 Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary models). The kits also can be installed on cars and trucks. (The flags are parade use only; high-speed use is not recommended).

For more flag information, visit www.harley-davidson.com; for information about the Museum's "Living the Legend" program and the special 110th Anniversary rivet, visit h-dmuseum.com/110rivet

01 Harley Davidson Museum Rivets Flag

02 Harley Davidson Museum Rivets
01 Harley Davidson Museum Rivets Flag