Harley-Davidson Dyna Low Rider S- Walkaround Video

A look at the new high powered Dyna!

New to the S Series of Harley-Davidson is the Low Rider S. The first two additions to the S Series were the Slim and Fat Boy, so a lot of people are happy to have a Dyna in the S Series now. They should be this bike is rad! Our first ride was from the HD Fleet Center to our Irvine office which is about 50 miles on the 405 freeway and the bike made one hell of a first impression. Having the 110 in the Dyna chassis is nothing but good news. We are going to have a great time on this beast, stay tuned for the full review.

Rule the street.

In 1977, when the first Harley-Davidson Low Rider rolled off the line, it pushed the limits of factory custom design to a place they’d never been. Now, the Low Rider S is taking the genre to a raw and powerful new edge. We mounted our Screamin’ Eagle Twin Cam 110 engine in a nimble Dyna chassis and installed a heavy breather intake. We added tall bars, mid-mount controls and a new seat that position arms up and out and feet square, along with premium front and rear suspension, giving the rider everything required to put the massive power to good use. We stripped down and blacked-out the rest with gold accents like the tank badge and pinstripe and matching split five-spoke cast aluminum wheels. Get behind the fixed speed screen and hang on.

Authentic Styling

Factory custom is about pushing the limits. And the Low Rider S pushes them to a new edge. From the fixed speed screen in the front to the chopped fender in the rear, it’s raw custom style turned into dark metal. The star of the show is a blacked-out Screamin’ Eagle Air-Cooled Twin Cam 110 engine. Give it a good look. You’ll get the picture.

Iconic Engine

We mounted the biggest engine we make in a nimble Dyna frame and gave it a heavy breather air intake. When you get on the Low Rider S, your throttle hand is directly connected to a Screamin’ Eagle Twin Cam 110 engine set up to breathe free. You get big horsepower and loads of low end torque delivered to the pavement through our smooth shifting, durable six speed Cruise Drive transmission. Because big power means a bigger rush.


The Low Rider S was built to push the factory custom genre to a new edge, emphasis on new. That means we didn’t hold back on the technology. You get standard anti-lock brakes, a hands free factory-installed H-D Smart Security System and standard electronic throttle and cruise control.


Since its introduction in 1977, the Low Rider has built its reputation as a “ride hard, or stay home” kind of machine. The Low Rider S dials it up to a new level. You get tall bars, mid-mount controls and a new seat. They all work together for an arms up and out, feet square riding position that’s good for both aggressive riding and long, fast miles. Electronic throttle control gives you instant response and cruise control lets you lock in your speed on long runs. The suspension is premium and built to handle the massive power on acceleration and in the corners. If you’re the kind of rider who likes to push the ride, this is your kind of ride.


Long miles are easy on the Low Rider S. The low-profile seat has new foam to keep you comfortable and riding hard, instead of looking for the next place to stop and rest. There’s a premium ride cartridge front suspension to give you a smooth ride and confidence in the corners. And the rear suspension features premium emulsion type shocks that are also smooth over the bumps and solid in the corners. If you like big miles, you’ll like this ride.