Harley Custom Kings: H-D of Wausau

The Copper Headed Stepchild

harley custom sportster march madness
Modern Sporty meets board track style.Courtesy of Harley-Davidson

"We wanted to put a modern twist on the turn of the century board track racers," H-D of Wausau says of the Copper-Headed Stepchild they entered in Harley-Davidson's Custom Kings challenge. This ambitious XL is one of the 16 survivors that have won a place on the ever-shrinking list of Sportsters left in the running for Harley's title of Custom King. Come this Tuesday, voting ends for the current round, leaving only eight bikes left in the running. Until then, you can cast a vote a day at the official webpage for the competition.

The rounds continue weekly, shrinking from eight bikes to four, then four to the finals when the last two iron horses remain. The winner will be crowned April 12th. Until that time, as Al Capone once said, “Vote early, vote often.” We'll be posting more of the bikes throughout the competition.

harley custom sportster march madness
H-D of Wausau's coppery contender.Courtesy of Harley-Davidson