H-D Street 750 vs Indian Scout

Showdown at the drags

Reader Robert Engen provided this video to us via Facebook and we thought he did a good enough job describing his bike and his project that we would let him tell it in his own words.

A little bit about me and my Street 750. My name is Rob Engen, I'm 33 years old and I've been around Harley's since I watched my dad build and wrench on them as a boy. My first bike was a Midnight Maxim 750 and throughout the years I've owned a 84' v65 Magna, XS1100, Fatboy Lo and a Buell Blast. I first caught wind of the 750 back when the first product testing shots leaked out of India and from since that time, I've been bugging the local GM at Harley for one of these bikes. I was able to finally receive my bike in Feb of this year.

I originally wanted to build this bike up into a speed racer for the salt flats but as the time goes on, I think these bikes would be much more suited racing the 1/4 mile and road courses. So far, I have upgraded the suspension in the rear with a set of Progressive 970's and I replaced the stock tree's with a set of Free Spirits aluminum trees and rebuilt the forks w/ dampener valves to Free Spirits spec. I removed the stock bars and went with a set of clip-ons and to add to the more sporty feel of the bike, we also performed a 4' tank lift to the bike.

The rear end of the bike has been chopped and is awaiting our custom rear fender and seat pan. Due to originality though and the belief that some of the Battle of the Kings builders have used our fender concept, we're going back to the drawing board to re-create our idea into something a little more unique. I guess that's the price you pay when you're one of the first trying to customize these bikes.

This bike is a collaborative effort between myself and a few close friends who each bring their own set of skills and wisdom to this bike. We hope to find sponsorship so we can continue to refine on our ideas and be able to tour the bike around Western Canada so we can get as much riding time in for our riders.

Thanks again for showing interest in our project. I know a lot of the hardcore Harley crowd is passing these bikes over and we intend to open their eyes to the potential that these bikes provide.

Thanks a lot, Rob. We love to see people like you taking the initiative to go somewhere that people haven't and push a new bike to it's limits. Godspeed, my friend!

For more information on Rob and his bike, you can find him on Youtube and HDBitchin.com