Grit Joins Harley-Davidson Performance Eyewear Line by Wiley X

New Glasses Offer Sleek Design and Wiley X's Exclusive Partial Polarized (PPZ™) Lens

The new HD Grit, part of the Harley-Davidson® Performance Eyewear line from Wiley X®, Inc. is out now, and judging from the press release, packs a nice list of ride-enhancing features that 's sure to appeal to most motorcyclists.

As a member of Wiley X's Active Series , the HD Grit comes in with a sleek design and a snug fit. Special rubberized nose pads and temple grips add comfort, and keep the HD Grit securely in place during long rides on bumpy roads. With its wraparound styling and standard Wiley X ANSI Z87.1 High Velocity and High Mass Impact Safety rating, the HD Grit provides riders with clear, unobstructed vision and protection against highway hazards. Wiley X says it's the only premium sunglass brand with this level of protection standard in all its glasses.

Motorcycle riders need to be constantly scanning their surroundings to decipher road contours, digital gauges and rapidly changing traffic movement, and the designers at Wiley X have developed their new lens technology specifically for riders to address these challenges. One of the key features in the HD Grit is Wiley X's exclusive Partial Polarized (PPZ™) lens, which is based on the company's shatterproof Selenite™ polycarbonate construction and eight- layer Filter 8™ polarizing technology. With 14% light transmission and 70% polarization, this innovative lens provides the glare-cutting advantages of polarization while maintaining the distortion-free vision daytime riders need. The PPZ lenses provide clear view of digital gauges too, which often have their own UV coating. The same lens technology provides riders with a high-definition view of the riding surface at all angles- even when looking through a windshield.

The Grit lenses feature an additional frontal layer of Silver Flash, Multi-Coat Z-Oxide Mirror over the Smoke tint , further absorbing environmental glare and providing unobstructed vision. "We looked at the conditions and environments which riders confront- a constantly changing surface, bright sun to shade and back again, and constant glare from nearby cars and objects," said Wiley X Co- Owner Myles Freeman, Jr. "NewPPZ lens technology eliminates glare without the distortion or halo effects caused by some polarized lenses in a riding environment. The result is a crystal-clear view of the road -like watching High Definition TV," Freeman added. To find out more about the new HD Grit or the entire Harley-Davidson Performance Eyewear line visit