Got Skills? Harley Rolls Out Skilled Motorcycle Rider Course

Sweep away the cobwebs and bad habits with a new rider skills course to be offered by Harley dealers

Harley has announced an addition to its Rider's Edge training program, a skills-improvement course for riders who already have some miles under their belts. The seven-hour class, which is similar to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Experience RiderCourse requires rides to provide their own bikes -- of any brand -- and riding gear. It may make you eligible for an insurance discount. Dealers will begin offering it this summer. This is an addition to the existing courses, fitting between the New Rider and the Advanced Riding courses already offered by Rider's Edge.

Even motorcyclists who have ridden for decades usually say that the Experienced RiderCourse sharpens their skills, increases confidence and helps then identify and correct bad habits. We expect Harley's Silled Rider course to do the same thing and extend it to riders and areas that have not had access to the Experienced RiderCourse. To find a dealer that offers the Rider's Edge Skilled Rider Course, visit You can also search for similar courses through the MSF at its site:

Harley-Davidson's release follows.

_Harley-Davidson Introduces Training Course for Current Motorcycle Riders

Rider's Edge Skilled Rider Course offers motorcyclists the chance to hone skills

MILWAUKEE (March 1, 2004)- Rider's Edge, the Harley-Davidson Academy of Motorcycling, introduces a new course aimed at further developing the riding skills of current motorcyclists. The Rider's Edge Skilled Rider Course offers motorcyclists additional training and practice to give riders more confidence and make the riding experience more enjoyable.

"Every motorcycle rider can benefit from additional training and development of riding skills," said Dave Koenings, Harley-Davidson director of Rider's Edge. "Whether you're an existing rider, a returning rider or a newer rider, the Skilled Rider Course gives all motorcyclists a way to improve riding skills in a controlled setting."

Several Harley-Davidson dealers, who currently offer the Rider's Edge New Rider Course, are preparing to offer the Skilled Rider Course starting this summer. Similar to the Rider's Edge New Rider Course, the Skilled Rider Course uses the proven curriculum of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's (MSF) Experienced Rider Course (ERC) Suite. Additionally, all Skilled Rider Course instructors are MSF and Harley-Davidson certified.

"Harley-Davidson wants to help equip riders at every skill level for a safe riding experience," said Koenings. "Offering continued rider training is one of the steps the company has taken to accomplish that end."

The Rider's Edge Skilled Rider Course takes place in the dealership and at nearby range facilities, with class sizes ranging from six to twelve students. Lasting approximately seven hours, the course includes interactive exercises and plenty of riding practice.

To enroll in the course, riders must have access to a motorcycle to use for training, their own protective riding gear, such as a helmet and footwear and be able to demonstrate basic motorcycle control skills. Other requirements for enrollment vary by state. Students who complete the course will be issued MSF completion cards, and may be eligible for a discount on motorcycle insurance coverage, depending on their state of residence and insurance provider. The cost to participate in the Skilled Rider Course is determined by each participating dealership.

Rider's Edge, the Harley-Davidson Academy of Motorcycling, currently offers three training courses: the New Rider Course, the Skilled Rider Course and the Group Riding Course. For more information on Rider's Edge courses throughout the country, please visit _

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Existing motorcycle riders can increase their skills with the Rider's Edge Skilled Rider Course from Harley dealers.