GMAN Industries Suzuki LC1500 Needle Jet Rebuild Service


Owners of the older carburetor equipped Suzuki LC1500's, particularly those with high mileage sometimes complain of poor mileage and sluggish acceleration through the midrange. Typically the problem is caused by a worn needle jet, which allows more fuel to sneak by the needle than it should. Now in most cases replacing a worn needle jet is no big deal, the operative phrase here being "in most cases."

Unfortunately in the case of the LC's carburetors it's just about impossible. This is because the needle jet is considered to be a non-replaceable part by both Suzuki and Mikuni, meaning (a) that it's not sold in stores, or on late night TV for that matter and (b) that replacing it requires special tools and techniques not available to the general public.

What this boils down to is that if your LC's needle jet is worn your choices are rather limited. You can live with the situation, you can replace both carburetors for a $1200.00 whack, or you can ship your wheezing carbs off to Gary Ford at GMAN Industries and have him make them right. In my opinion the last option is the only practical one.

Although the procedure is listed as a Needle Jet Rebuild Service what you're actually getting for your dough is comprehensive carburetor overhaul. Along with the new needle jets, your carbs will also receive a thorough cleaning and service, including a float level adjustment, TPS adjustment, static carburetor synch, and complete set of new OEM jets. The fuel screws will be adjusted and as a bonus the GMAN will size the jets and shim the new (stock) needles for your particular set up, (pipes and air filter), and altitude.

For your part you or your favorite mechanic will have to remove the carbs from the bike, drain them and ship them to the GMAN, and fill out a detailed questionnaire so Gary can get a handle on how your bike is used and equipped. On their return you'll obviously have to reinstall the carburetors. Gary also asks that you ride the bike for a 100 miles or so before performing any fine tuning with the fuel screws, in some cases they may have to adjusted slightly to eliminate any exhaust farts.

The cost for all of this is $195.00 plus 15 bucks for shipping and handling and the turnaround time roughly three days from the time the carburetors are received. So if you figure three days each way on the UPS truck, and a few hours at each end to R&R; the carbs your bike will only be off the road for maybe ten days, making it a perfect winter fix-up project.

I've heard nothing but good things from the guys that have had the kit installed, so based on their experience, and GMAN's reputation I'm going to tell you that if I did have an LC1500 that was in need of some open jet surgery the GMAN would be the first, and from the sounds of it, the only guy I'd call.


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