Ghost in the Shell Motorcycle

Scarlett Johansson's futuristic movie bike from Honda

Movie bikes have always fascinated me. They're extreme customs, but the builders usually have to put together five or six of them, sometimes more, to be ridden and crashed in the production. For Ghost in the Shell, a new adaptation of a classic Japanese manga series, Honda worked with the creative team to build a fully functioning custom based off of the NM4.

Honda's NM4 is a pretty radical looking bike to begin with. It is long, low, and has some pretty extreme angles. To make the thing a bit more sporty, they changed up the whole tail section and seating arrangement, putting Scarlett Johansson's character Major in a more aggressive stance. The naturally steep line of the front fairing seems like it wasn't modified too heavily, but some panels and different styling pieces were added over the gas tank area. Apparently they had to put five of these bad boys together for the film, but this wasn't some small custom house handling the job-- it's Honda! And appropriately so, considering the Japanese heritage of the movie.

Honda NM4 Ghost in the Shell motorcycleHonda

Ghost in the Shell is rated PG-13 and is in theaters now! Check it out to see more of this crazy custom in action.