Firstgear Voyager Jacket & Pearl Pants for Motorcyclists

After this blind date, I'd like to get into their jacket, but not their pants. From the April 2002 issue of _ Motorcycle Cruiser _ magazine. **By Jamie Elvidge.

When we did our guide to high-tech jackets last year I'd walk in to Cherney's office every few days and fondle the wares as they'd arrive. This Voyager jacket (suggested $375 in black, blue or red on black and sizes S to XXXL) was the one I couldn't put down.

After the comparison, I chose to wear it on a three-day winter ride from California to Daytona Beach, Florida since it promised to be a cold-weather charm. Normally these hard-core runs are no time to test a new suit. It's too much like a blind date -- too easy to get stuck with a dud -- and one you can't just ditch. On the first morning I missed my trusty Aerostich Road Crafter, but I soon realized it was only because the Voyager made me feel too comfortable -- like I was riding wrapped up in a down quilt. I had to remind myself that the armor was there (removable CE-approved inserts for elbows, shoulders and an EVA foam pad for your vulnerable spine) because it wasn't constantly reminding me of its presence. This jacket is so light, yet plush and definitely warm.

By the time I got to Daytona I'd grown quite attached to the Voyager and continue to use it for winter riding. There's a removable liner and Thermo-neck (built-in scarf), inner elasticized lower liner to keep the wind out and a waterproof, breathable membrane in case it rains. This jacket tends to get a little saturated in really wet weather but it is perfectly suited for a brief thunderstorm or two.

For the Daytona trip, I'd matched the jacket to Firstgear's Pearl Overpants (about $320). While they did an adequate job of keeping me warm, these overpants weren't easy to pull on over jeans and almost impossible to remove without some wrestling. Also, I wasn't impressed with the insulation or the protection provided for the knees -- not for that kind of money, anyway.

The Voyager jacket excels at its mission, however -- it looks great, feels incredibly luxurious and offers viable protection.

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