Fairchild Corporation to Buy Intersport Fashions West and Hein Gericke Motorcycle Apparel Companies

Aircraft parts company acquires leading motorcycle apparel maker from ailing German parent. Move likely to reinvigorate Firstgear and Gericke apparel brands in the U.S.

Fairchild Corporation, best known as an aircraft firm, will purchase IFW, one of the largest U.S. motorcycle apparel companies.

Eurobike, the German-based parent of Intersport Fashions West, has agreed to sell its IFW, Hein Gericke and PoloExpress brands of motorcycle apparel and gear to Fairchild. IFW is a leading maker and agent for motorcycle apparel in the U.S. market. Its Firstgear and Gericke (formerly Hein Gericke, but now just "Gericke" in the U.S. market)) brands are well known to American motorcycle enthusiasts. It also manages Held Gloves, Oxtar boots, and Schuberth helmets. In addition it supplies much of the custom-designed branded apparel sold by motorcycle companies, including Honda, Suzuki and Harley-Davidson.

Fairchild no longer manufacturers aircraft, though it continues to supply aerospace components. Its core business include fasteners, parts distribution to the aviation after market, power transmission products, telecommunication and other industrial products. Farchild's announcement of the acquisition, which is expected to be final by the end of October, may be found here:
Fairchild.com news page.

The acquisition should be good news for IFW, which appears to be the jewel of the deal. Eurobike was on a roll when it acquired IFW and Hein Gericke a few years ago, but it summarily made some acquisitions that turned sour. Though IFW continued to thrive and turn a nice profit, mounting financial problems at its new parent meant that investments like needed facility expansion had to be postponed. Presumably the new owners will be in a position to capitalize that expansion and benefit from IFW's enviable position in the motorcycle business.

For details of Intersport Fashion Wests's brands and products see the IFW website: www.intersportfashions.com

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IFW started in the 1970s as the U.S. distributor for Germany's Hein Gericke, but soon expanded, adding its own products and brands.