Evaluation: Specter Road No. 8401 Motorcycle Touring Boots

A familiar-looking weatherproof motorcycle boot that brings some touches all its own. From the August 2005 issue of _ Motorcycle Cruiser _ magazine. By Andy Cherney.

Specter Road's new boots are dead ringers for CruiserWorks' popular Tour boot, or at least that was my initial impression before pulling on the calf-high, engineer-style boots. But after a few high-mileage stints, I was relieved to discover the Canadian company's product stands on its own merits.

The No. 8401 Touring boots feature Kevlar in a full-grain leather construction that's oil-treated during the tanning process to protect your feet in all kinds of weather.

The soft leather was flexible right away, and a malleable leather joint allowed for easy foot movement on the pegs. The reinforced toecap readily slipped under the shifter (cap, heel and ankle feature Kevlar fabric). A moisture-wicking, breathable lining provided a thin layer of padding and added comfort, though I felt arch support was lacking (in fairness, Specter Road did supply me with a supplement to fit). The soles are bonded to the leather and damped bike vibration well (though they're not overly thick), and the rugged treads gripped the asphalt firmly.

The Specter Road 8401 Touring Boots felt light and comfortable on and off the bike, and I was generally pleased with them. I still consider them a bit pricey, but they're good-quality, protective footwear. Get them in black in sizes 6-14 and half sizes 6-1/2 to 11-1/2 in D, E and EEE widths for $270 (the non-Kevlar version is $215.75), including shipping and handling.

Specter Road

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