Evaluation: Sidi Monza Motorcycle Socks

Socks?!? Does anyone care about what socks they wear to ride? You will after you take a long ride in Sidi's socks. From the August 2003 issue of Motorcycle Cruiser magazine. **By _Jamie Elvidge.

When you make a mental list of key riding gear, you probably don't include socks, do ya? Well, I do, at least now that I've become addicted to the quality, comfort and climate control of Monza road-riding socks from Sidi Boots.

Yeah, I was skeptical, too. The idea of "riding socks" made me think of gimmicks. The hat does not make the chef, and socks certainly do not make the rider. But they sure can make him feel good.

Thick and comfortably supportive, the Monza socks do not slide, bunch or sag. And since they come up almost to the knee, your boots, no matter how grand, will never again rub disturbingly against your shins or calves. I was surprised at how well these thick cotton-blend socks dissipated heat in the summer, yet kept my pigs toasty in winter, too. So now I'm stuck. Any ride without the Monzas is a little less than. Actually, I wear them for hiking, skiing and horseback riding, too, so it's a darn good thing they're affordable. Ten bucks a pair, and trust me, you can't go wrong. Order away at www.motonation.com, or call (877) 789-4940.

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