Evaluation: Fasst Company Motorcycle Spoke Torque Wrench

A tool to simplify your motorcycle's wire-wheel maintenance. From the October 2003 issue of Motorcycle Cruiser magazine. By Mark Zimmerman.

Wire-poked wheels can be a headache. During normal use the spokes tend to loosen slightly, causing the wheel to deform. In an extreme case, a loose spoke will snap like a twig at the first pothole, which generally causes the other spokes to quickly self-destruct. On the other hand, overtightening them is just as bad. Not only can you yank the wheel out of true, but overly tight spokes are even more prone to snapping. There is a fine line between an under-tensioned spoke and one that is too tight.

The question is, how tight is tight enough?

Fasst Company has the answer. Originally designed for use by factory race teams and pro wheel builders, the Fasst Company spoke torque wrench is essentially a small, "clicker"-type torque wrench designed specifically for building and maintaining wire wheels.

The wrench comes preset to the OEM correct torque settings, while a variety of interchangeable wrench heads are available to accommodate all popular nipple hexes. The tool is easy to use and removes all of the guesswork. To adjust the spoke tension, you simply work your way around the wheel following Fasst Company's suggested pattern, tightening each spoke in turn. When the spoke is correctly tensioned, the wrench releases and you'll hear a click.

Basically, it is all you need to maintain your spokes. Too bad cleaning them isn't this simple.

The retail price is $120 for the wrench with a box and $10 per head. Fasst Company also offers a kit which includes one wrench with a box and 10 heads for $220.

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