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News that Motorcycle Riders Already Knew

We already knew - the men, that is - that we're at the top of food chain, but here's further, incontrovertible proof that bigger is badder.

From a press release:

Submitted by: Monument PR Worldwide

LONDON, ENGLAND (October 22, 2008) -


Poll Finds Bikers Thought To Have Biggest Manhoods

Bikers are the best endowed motorists on Britain's roads, says a new survey commissioned to mark the launch of racing game MotoGP 08.

The poll of 3000 people showed that more than half of those surveyed believe bikers to be better endowed than any other motorists, with 51% of those polled picking motorbike owners over car drivers as being likely to impress between the legs.

It's not just in the manhood stakes that bikers win out, though - 57% of those surveyed found members of the opposite sex in biking leathers a turn-on (65% of men and 53% of women), with brunettes considered those most likely to get the pulse racing whilst in the saddle.

And it's great news for bikers in Wales, who are considered hotter there than any other place in Great Britain. 75% of Welsh people surveyed found members of the opposite sex on bikes a turn-on, with 87.5% thinking bikes are a bigger attraction than supercars, and a further 87.5% believing that motorbike riders are the best endowed of all motorists.

Editors Notes (not the Cruiser editor!):

The survey of 3000 people was conducted by 72 Point on behalf of Capcom Games.

MotoGP 08 is released on October 24th on PS3, XBox 360, PC and PS2.___________________________________________________________________________

Associate Editor's Notes (yes, from Cruiser!): will have a review of the MotoGP 08 game for the PC (Windows computers) by the end of the month - just in time for holiday shopping - so check back early and often.