Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled Walkaround

Engine noise and details on the Ducati's most capable off-road Scrambler

I'm going to be shamelessly unreserved for a moment here-- It's stupid how much I love riding this bike. I'll make you wait a few weeks until we finish the full video review and I have the chance to develop all of these crazy thoughts running through my head, but I had to get something out to show you fine people just how awesome this here bike really is. After 1000 miles of highway, twisty mountain roads, single track trails, and wider dirt fire roads, the Desert Sled and I have seen a lot of different terrain and it has handled it all like a champ. In fact, the only real limiting factor I have run into on this bike is me (and I'm working on it!).

Like I said, stay tuned for the full review and we hope this little snippit is enough to hold you over!

For more information, check out ScramblerDucati.com