Deus Slidetober Fest 2019 Gallery

Vintage motorcycle dirt racing in Indonesia with Deus Ex Machina.

The Deus Slidetober Fest blends surfing and moto on the beaches of Indonesia for a truly unique event with some of the best vibes you can find anywhere. What was started as a way for the Indo Deus crew to blow off some steam has grown into a full-blown international event, with people coming in from all over the world to ride, surf, and party on the beaches.

Racers of all ages and skill levels come out and their bikes are just as diverse as they are. Ranging from fully equipped modern motocross bikes to vintage and customs stuck together with duct tape and dreams—the bikes make walking through the paddocks almost as entertaining as watching the racing.

As always with Deus events, fun is at the center of the whole things and good vibes abound. Check out to see when and where their next event takes place. We hope to see you there!

Vintage two-stroke smoke fills the air and mixes with lush jungle smells and Balinese sacrificial incense at the Deus Ex Machina Slidetober Fest races. And all of those crazy smells whip past these guys’ nostrils as the red flag comes down and the throttles get to twistin'.Monti Smith
Aussie surf legend @zyenorris comes whipping through a Balinese red sand corner. Dust kicks up and paints his previously all-white outfit a different shade.Monti Smith
The Bengal Boys putting their collective quick-fix prowess together to get another bike older than any of them back on the track.Monti Smith
@gianggawphoto keeping his turns and moto gear vintage and clean from top to bottom.Monti Smith
@kelana_humphrey is half Indonesian and half Californian and one complete and utter dominant racer. He took home the big overall “W” at this year's 2019 Slidetober Fest. Not too shabby for the ripe old age of 11!Monti Smith
@kelana_humphrey using that local knowledge to squeak ahead of USA rider @micah_davis118.Monti Smith
Somehow the guys with the most homemade-looking gear tend to wear the biggest grins at vintage events. Probably because they are just happy to have a bike running that their very hands turned wrenches on.Monti Smith
All the boys coming around a red-hot corner. Some try inside lines, some ride the berm. But all of them are looking to get that slingshot holeshot out of it.Monti Smith
Vintage bike ripper and all around good dude @micah_davis118. No matter what bike he’s on, it’s usually flying or only has one wheel touching the earth. Here he does a combo of both.Monti Smith
@maulanasandi99 and the other local Indo boys were flying throughout the entire race. Local knowledge of the track coupled with an inability to feel fear kept these guys in the air throughout every little bump the track had to offer.Monti Smith
@wawawsrynn coming into the hot corner full of style and focus. With the dangerous number 13 plate and laser eyeballs.Monti Smith
@micah_davis118 making a point to prove that gravity doesn’t affect him anywhere on earth. Be it Baja, California, or Bali.Monti Smith