You gotta admit, when Yamaha released the Star Eluder V-twin tourer earlier this year there was a bit of head-scratching about the name. What exactly is it trying to avoid? Or was it calling attention to something? Maybe we should call it the Alluder? Hey, we get the two confused all the time.

The jokes have petered out after the positive reviews came rushing in after the first ride, and honestly, we give Yamaha mad props for the Eluder's modern styling with a hot-rod twist (read: no studs or conchos) and the impressive suite of touring amenities it came with in stock form. But everyone knows it's not enough to simply release a decent product these days; you also gotta also show what's attainable for the customer. (Or at least allude to it.) Any manufacturer in the cruiser/custom space worth his salt has partnered with a customizer or two to showcase the bike's goodies, or how it could look, given the cash and inclination.

Custom Star Bagger
Yamaha’s slogan of “Journey Further” is pretty evident in the Star Eluder, which wraps the performance of the Star Venture into a lower, sleeker and more custom-looking package.Yamaha Motor Corp.

Enter Cory Ness, a guy probably better known for his associations in the American V-twin world. We’ve seen his bitchin’ customs for Victory, Indian, and Harley, among others, but now it seems the customization potential of Star’s “ultimate V-twin bagger” was too great for Ness to ignore, and he’s entered into a partnership with Yamaha to create the custom “Journey Further” Star Eluder. Of course that means switching wrenches, right?

Cory Ness
Cory Ness is no stranger to V-twin customs, but most of his creations have been of the American variety. He’s swapped his SAE spanners for metrics.Yamaha Motor Corp.

Yamaha’s Transcontinental Touring slogan of “Journey Further” is pretty evident in the Star Eluder, which combines the powerful performance of the Star Venture with some of the same hyper-comfy features and technology to allow riders to get on down the road much farther (ahem) than ever before. It made sense for Ness to continue on those themes and values when building his V-twin touring custom too.

That’s still a pretty broad design brief, so Ness also felt it was crucial the parts be robust, and that they feature scads of noticeable details as well. “These accessories are not just about looking good, they are about longevity,” he said. “We don’t just talk about motorcycles, we ride motorcycles. We use this experience to build parts that add to the riding experience.”

Arlen Ness Signature Custom Billet Aluminum Accessories
The Arlen Ness Signature Custom Billet Aluminum Accessories series includes various covers and cases specifically made to dress up the Eluder.Yamaha Motor Corp.

On his very first glance, Cory couldn’t miss the Eluder's wide front end and low stance, so that became the first area of focus. He opted to emphasize the beefy look by mounting a wider front tire (180mm) onto a billet aluminum wheel. Of course it wasn't as easy as that; he had to widen and notch out the stock front fender to give it all the necessary clearance.

Eluder’s rear end look good
Making the Eluder’s rear end look good is this muffler cap, in an eye-catching black and chrome contrast treatment.Yamaha Motor Corp.

But the back end of the Eluder was a prime candidate for the “Ness twist,” which as you probably know, means making it lower and longer. Along with a billet aluminum rear wheel, he added a suitably elongated Ness-designed rear fender and saddlebags, a Corbin saddle, and a whole slew of the new billet aluminum Arlen Ness Accessories developed for the Eluder. The new bits are all about the intricate details, so Cory accented some areas in black in order to allow those accessories to really pop against the glorious custom blue paint. In explaining the design process, Cory said, “Sometimes, attention to little details makes the big details look even better, which makes it a great overall package.”

Custom Star Bagger
Of course, it’s the “Ness twist”—the stretched fender and saddlebags—that really brings a flowing custom style to the back end.Yamaha Motor Corp.

Cory gets what the Eluder is supposed to be about, and he wants to make sure the new parts encourage that. “This motorcycle just makes you want to ride, which is a key takeaway in any custom motorcycle. The ‘Journey Further’ Star Eluder’s low center of gravity and seat height means being able to sit on it flat-footed, which adds to the confidence in it as a touring bike.”

Billet Aluminum Handlebar Clamp
The beautifully sculpted Billet Aluminum Handlebar Clamp sets off the 7-inch infotainment system nicely.Yamaha Motor Corp.

The Arlen Ness Signature Custom Billet Aluminum Accessories lineup includes:

  • Billet aluminum generator cover insert
  • Billet aluminum cam cover insert
  • Billet aluminum pulley cover insert
  • Billet aluminum instrument bezels
  • Billet aluminum master cylinder covers
  • Billet aluminum handlebar clamp

and is available through and authorized Yamaha dealers.