For years, the biggest brands in motorcycling have gathered in Milan to unveil their most substantial products of the year at EICMA. They bring in huge booths with all sorts of eye-catching technology, beautiful models (both human and motorcycle), flashing lights, loud music—the works. This year, just a few miles away from all the hustle and bustle of the show in an old warehouse known as East Market, resided a unique custom show fueled by the massive event nearby.

Custom builders from all around the world brought incredible bikes to be displayed. Some were instantly recognizable from contests like Moto Guzzi's Lord of the Bikes or Honda's CB1100 concept, and others were brand new and original. Walking around this show was incredible, and we got to know some builders we've never had the chance to meet in the US. Heiwa Motorcycle from Japan and Auto Fabrica from the UK were some highlights. We've been huge fans of these two builders for a long time, and seeing the Desmo Hog left us scratching our heads for a long while after, in the best way.

New and old, patina on metal and age on paint.Morgan Gales

We can't wait to see what they do with this show in 2017, because this year was already amazing! From the vintage clothing, records, and signs to all of the gorgeous custom bikes, we know what we'll be doing after EICMA next year.

Honda's CB1100 TR Concept.Morgan Gales
'Charlotte' from Moto Guzzi's Lord of the Bikes.Morgan Gales
Lucky Cat's Bombinette sprint bike.Morgan Gales
A brass-bodied Vincent café racer.Morgan Gales
A brass-bodied Vincent café racer.Morgan Gales
You'd be screaming, too.Morgan Gales
The 'Desmo Hog' uses a Shovelhead lover with desmo belt drives where the lifters should be actuating Ducati heads... it's quite the thing to behold.Morgan Gales
The Spicy Shovel by DMC Toys for Men.Morgan Gales
Spoke city.Morgan Gales
Plan B Motorcycles' Benelli 512M.Morgan Gales
Heiwa Motorcycles' BMW R nineT.Morgan Gales