Custom Bikes at Arlen Ness HQ

Crazy customs from the shop and showroom at the Ness Headquarters

Ness is a name known far and wide in the motorcycling community for their custom cruisers. Arlen turned his custom motorcycle career into an empire and now runs it with his son Cory, and his grandson Zach. Both Zach and Cory have made outstanding names for themselves as custom builders as well. We were lucky enough to meet up with Zach and get a tour of their headquarters in Dublin, CA. Their HQ serves as a showroom for new Indian and Victory motorcycles, as well as the custom bikes the Ness boys put out. Upstairs there is a museum filled with some of the most insanely meticulously built motorcycles I've ever seen. Here are some of the bikes from the museum, as well as some customer bikes from the garage!

For more information on Zach, Cory and Arlen Ness and their bikes, visit ArlenNess.Com

Zach Ness
Zach Ness standing next to his Grandpa's first bike in the Ness Museum.