Cruising to the Hot Bike Tour: Day 4

Baggers and Hot Bikes roll to Sheridan, WY

The Hot Bike Tour is a total bucket list event. We know it takes a lot to get the five days in a row off of work and move yourself and your bike to wherever the tour is going down that year, but MAN is it worth it. This is the first year riding the tour for myself and our new Editor, John Mcdevitt; and we can tell you first hand that this show is like no other that we have been to.

Today we rode out from Rapid City, SD to Sheridan, WY and man was it gorgeous! After running up to Mount Rushmore in the morning, we rode through the Black Hills for a bit before heading to Deluxe Harley-Davison in Gillette, WY for some lunch. A couple hours later we were checked into the Trail's End Motel, drinking beers with the owner and getting ready for the night's festivities. The lady at the front desk of the hotel was an absolute sweetheart and took great care of our crew, while her husband poured some fireball shots for whoever was down. After a moment of relaxing in our rooms, we headed down to do it all again, this time in Downtown Sheridan, and if the people at the motel were any indication, this was going to be one awesome night.

Downtown Sheridan is as charming as the people and everyone seemed glad to have us. Joey Hensley of Backyard Baggers took the win for Baggers Mag vote today, and Scott Kietzmann also took his second night in a row with his wicked Victory. The big winners are announced tomorrow so stay tuned!

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