Significant Other: Will Sheppard's 2008 H-D Dyna Wide Glide

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Owner Will Sheppard :: Occupation Desktop Technician :: Motorcycle 2008 H-D Dyna Wide Glide

We've heard the term significant other (SO) tossed around so often-when folks refer to someone's partner in an intimate relationship-we figured, why not apply it to bikes? We know plenty of riders with close ties to their rides,whether it's because it's used as a primary means of transport, as a part of their livelihood, or just as an everyday companion. This new column will shine a light on the Average Joe's (or Jane's) daily driver, in all its hard-bitten, bug-encrusted, 100K mile glory, and what that big pile of metal means to them. So if you're looking for show queens or custom shop builds, this won't be the place to find them.

We didn't have to go very far to find our first candidate: in fact, his ride isn't even that crusty. Will Sheppard's our IT guy here at the magazine, though you'd never guess he was a computer geek by his well-preserved scoot.

Tell us about this bike and its significance to you
My 105th Anniversary Limited Edition FXDWG (#1226 in a production run of 2000) is my pride and joy! It's the Harley I fell in love with as a teenager. I gotta say, the new 2010 model just doesn't do it for me.

Do you ride it every day?
Every day, rain or shine. I commute on it to work, about 15 miles one way.

How did it come to be in your garage?
I waited until August of 2009, traded in my 2006 XL1200C Sportster and ended up saving some coin on the deal. I paid $16,500 for the Wide Glide with a detachable windshield and detachable sissy bar/rack included. The bike was 100% "old stock": a TC96 engine and a 6 speed tranny. I got about $1500 off the asking price, and it only had 4 miles on the clock.

Was it ready to go right out of the box?
I consider myself a "Sport Touring" rider and this bike works for me very well. I can throw my old saddlebags and T-Bag on and have a great light tourer or strip the bags off quickly and spend the day carving the canyons or fighting my way through commuter traffic. I find it surprisingly nimble, but much more comfortable than my Sporty on the open road.

But you've added accessories along the way?
Officially, a Screamin Eagle air cleaner kit and the Vance&Hines; Fuelpak. Next I got the rear turn signal kit to turn the rear turn signals into red running lights. I purchased some Avon hand grips, Kuryakyn Chrome switch housings and a used chrome master cylinder cover/clutch lever clamp kit. Because the Wide Glide's wiring is routed inside the handlebars, I couldn't install the switch covers until I got the front turn signal relocation kit and re-routed the wires.

Any insider tips, insights or issues about your ride?
None that are the fault of the manufacturer but I've had problems with assembly. The first weekend we took a cruise along the Mexican border. When we got back on our bikes after a rest stop, mine wouldn't turn over. I found out the battery box cover wasn't correctly secured, and also discovered the battery post screws in the bottom of the battery box. The terminal connectors weren't even finger tight. Then last weekend I heard a strange noise from around the engine. After inspecting things I found that the only reason my exhaust was still on was because the bolts hadn't completely fallen off. Now I check any new purchase from top to bottom when bringing it home from the dealer.

Any trips planned in the near future?
So far I've only been able to afford the time and money for Sturgis on "even" years. My big cruise this year has been to Reno's "Street Vibrations". I 'm just short of 4500 miles on the clock now."

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