Cruiser's New Sportster Project

A great Sportster is about to get a lot better

When Jordan built the original Sweet Tracker, he brought it by the shop I was working in at the time and I lost it. It was just about the coolest bike I had ever seen, and I sold the old Dyna that I had to buy it from him. I loved the bike. The paint by Harpoon and the Phil Little fiberglass race body are gorgeous, but I wanted to do more on this bike than the current setup would allow.

After a little over a year of owning it, I wanted to start bringing the bike a little further, pushing it a little harder in circumstances where I would need the tank to bend like steel rather than break like fiberglass if I happened to lay it down. I love the tall stance, the 19" wheels, the cain conversion and the upgraded suspension. I'm a tall guy, so I wanted to move the seat back a little and give myself something to slam back on when this torquey little beast takes off, as well as bring the foot controls back and down a bit. I also wanted(needed) to improve the braking power.

There are a lot of great parts from a lot of amazing performance parts manufacturers and this bike is going to be absolutely insane. Stay tuned to watch the transformation!