CROSSBOW: Zombie Killing Street 750 from LAHD

Post-apocalyptic scrambler Street 750 built for H-D Battle of the Kings

The Crossbow- Street 750 from LAHD
The Crossbow- Street 750 from LAHDPhoto by Sean Delshadi, Model: Meredith Devine

When the big one hits. When the virus starts to spread. When "They" come, are you going to be ready? Do you have some sort of vehicle that can get you through pavement, sand, rocks and mud quick enough to make a difference? The dudes at Los Angeles Harley Davidson of Anaheim sure do. As much of an unlikely candidate as the Street 750 may be, they've built one hell of a bugout bike.

Street 750 Scrambler
Street 750 Scrambler from LAHD "The Crossbow"Sean Delshadi

It seems that they've really thought of everything with this bike, and checked all of the right boxes. From the Renthal ATV handlebars and Burly Brand footpegs, to the crossbow mounted on the rear rack and the trench shovel mounted towards the front of the frame. The custom racks front and rear are wrapped up with a wildlands survival essential: rope, as well as a reserve Biltwell fuel cell on the rear. For additional storage, a small tool roll is mounted behind the headlight as well as a single salldebag on the left side. Appropriately, the radiator and dual-headlight setup have been fenced off to prevent damage from flying rocks and debris. Progressive Suspension piggybacks have been set up on the rear, and fork springs up front to help keep the power to the ground in the dirt and sand. Something tells me at least one of the guys involved in designing and building this bike is a prepper.

Street 750 Scrambler
Street 750 Scrambler from LAHD "The Crossbow"Sean Delshadi
Street 750 Scrambler "The Crossbow"
Street 750 Scrambler from LAHD "The Crossbow"Sean Delshadi

It should come as no surprise that the Jones brothers, proprietors of the fine establishment responsible for this beast, found their main sources of inspiration in The Walking Dead and Mad Max. The desert ready, wasteland machine screams these origins. And as if you didn't get the zombie killing feel just from the look of it, there's a body tally on the plate over the fuse cover.

Street 750 Scrambler tail section and rack
"The Crossbow" Street 750 tail section and rack with Biltwell Fuel CellSean Delshadi

The Street 750 is a solid chassis with an incredible power plant. We love the 750 engine, but when the bike came to market it seemed like H-D cut costs everywhere that the rider really interacts with the thing, making it seem more cheap and flimsy than it really was. The guys at LAHD have reworked a lot of the questionable aspects and really stepped this bike up to the next level.

Scrambler Harley-Davidson Street 750
Harley-Davidson Street 750 tank rack with rope and Renthal ATV barsSean Delshadi

The 15" rear shocks play a huge role in changing up the stance, but the subtle tank lift and modified subframe are the real game changers. Getting that perfect line between the scrambler style bench seat and the bottom of the tank is no easy task on your typical low seat cruiser, but they have managed it perfectly on this build.

Street 750 Scrambler from LAHD "The Crossbow"
Street 750 Scrambler from LAHD "The Crossbow" rear view with knobbiesSean Delshadi

A 19" wheel up front and an 18" in the rear, both spoked from Ride Wright, have been equipped with Continental Twinduro TKC80s, even further increasing this bikes go-anywhere capabilities. Screamin' Eagle performance comes into play in the air flow system, with Buckshot exhaust and a performance air cleaner kit, giving the bike a little more breathing power.

Street 750 Scrambler LAHD
Street 750 Scrambler from LAHD "The Crossbow" caged radiator and trench shovelSean Delshadi
Street 750 Scrambler dual-headlight
Street 750 Scrambler from LAHD "The Crossbow" dual-headlight and knobbiesSean Delshadi
Meredith Devine on Street 750
Friend or foe? Meredith Devine on the Street 750 "Crossbow" from LAHDPhoto by Sean Delshadi, Model: Meredith Devine

This bad piece of two wheeled hooliganry is sitting over at LAHD if you want to go check it out. Unfortunately the babe won't be with it, as she has been making a real name for herself as a makeup artist and photographer in her own rite, you can check out more of her and her work HERE. If you're in the market, get in touch with the guys over there, cause this bike's for sale!

Badass Street 750 from LAHD
Badass Street 750 from LAHDPhoto by Sean Delshadi, Model: Meredith Devine

For more information on this bike and more from LAHD, check their site