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Gear Bag

Papa's Got A Brand-New Bag
When you need to carry more than a wallet on a ride, try Chrome Bags' Citizen satchel. Chrome Bags has been making messenger bags for 10 years, and the quality and innovation shows, as does the company's pride-all bags come with a lifetime guarantee. The Citizen is constructed with heavy-duty Cordura, weatherproof truck-tarp liner and military-spec seam binding. The bag includes a padded shoulder strap, a chest strap and a seatbelt buckle closure for one-handed strap tightening. The Citizen measures 22 x 11.5 x 6 inches and costs $110 at
The Wheels On The Bike Go Round And Round
It's been years since tires were simply round and black. Nowadays there are specialized compounds and constructions for every application. Enter the Cobra for power cruisers, big tourers and custom bikes, Avon's replacement for its Venom-R tire.
The Cobra employs a host of technologies to provide nimble handling without compromising stability and for better compliance at higher lean angles. Avon even claims low road noise with the Cobras. And don't forget about the snakeskin-patterned sidewalls! See to find the fitments for your bike.
For Those About To Rock
Maybe you've got a Harley, or just an H-D sticker in your truck's back window, a T-shirt, a do-rag, 27 pieces of Franklin Mint ceramics and a tattoo. What about a guitar strap? Well, don't fret; the musical-minded folks at Dunlop Mfg. have what you need. "A tribute to the legendary Milwaukee V-Twin," their line of Harley-Davidson guitar straps features over a dozen styles. Materials include full-grain leather, suede, polyurethane and poly-woven straps, all with sturdy stitching for good looks and long-term durability. Prices start at $48. See them at
We Got You Covered
Do chaps chap your hide but you want more posterior protection than that provided by dclass denim? Alpinestars has come to your rescue with the new Maxx Denim Pants. At first glance they appear to be ordinary-albeit stylish-loose-fit jeans. What you can't see from the outside are removable, CE-certified knee protectors and an abrasion-resistant poly-fabric lining the inside of the pants from waist to midthigh. Available in sizes 28-38 and any color you want-as long as it's blue. They're $120 from
Saddlebags That Will Make You Look Phat
Carrying gear in your lap is impractical, but what do you do if your scoot is luggage-less? Hardstreet has the answer with its Pro Builder Kit for metric bikes. The DIY saddlebag kit fits most bikes and includes all necessary mounting hardware. The bags are made of ABS and come predrilled for assembly. The mounting brackets and included spacers allow both height and width adjustments for a custom fit, with additional bolts and spacers available if required. The saddlebags are also weather-resistant and lockable. Check out the $400 set at