Channellock 8-Inch Wide Opening Adjustable Wrench

Channellock 8-Inch Wide Opening Adjustable Wrench
Per-fesh-I-nail-type mechanics often look down their noses at adjustable wrenches, but the fact is, no other wrench is as versatile as a really good adjustable one. So what makes the Channellock Wide Jaw really good? For starters, it's made of top-shelf chrome vanadium steel, so under normal circumstances it should last a lifetime. Secondly, it uses a four-knurl adjustment screw (compared to the usual three) for finer adjustment. And lastly, the jaws are longer, thinner and open wider, making them less likely to damage fasteners, easier to use in tight spaces and more accommodating of larger nuts and bolts. Yes, I compared the Wide Jaw to all the other adjustable wrenches I had laying around, and like every other Channellock tool I've ever owned, this one is impressively made. The jaws move smoothly, with virtually no side play and never display the slightest tendency to spread, despite the fact that a 240-pound fat man was leaning on the handle. Obviously a single adjustable wrench can't replace an entire kit, but I can tell you that if I only had room for one tool in my bag, this would be it.

The Wide Jaws are available in 12 sizes and three finishes (the Code Blue padded grip is shown) and offer a lifetime guaranty. -MZ
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