Born-Free 11 Photo Gallery

Bikes and babes of Born-Free, SoCal’s biggest custom motorcycle show.

Majik Mike on his custom motorcycle at Born-Free 11
Majik Mike showing off the fit on his invited build. Fitment this perfect doesn't happen without a lot of trial and error.Morgan Gales

For 11 years, Born Free has been one of the most exciting and progressive shows on the West Coast. Builders are invited from all over and never fail to bring their A game, arriving with some of the most impressive custom motorcycles in the world. And filling the gaps between all those amazing custom motorcycles, with just as much character and color, are the bike-loving attendees.

This was my eighth year attending the show and it always impresses me. It has changed a ton over the years, from a purely chopper show with free admission and only a few hundred people in attendance into a massive show with tens of thousands of attendees and a huge range of bikes, ranging from the old choppers to racebikes, vintage restorations, and more.

The show spans two days and takes place in Orange County, right between San Diego and Los Angeles, making it easy for a large portion of the Southern California moto population to attend. Aside from all the motorcycles, shows, and contests, the show features live music, skateboarding, a Ferris wheel—even mini-golf for those so inclined.

Two bikes are raffled off, an engine is given away—there are many opportunities to leave with something if you’re lucky enough. Vendors form rows selling everything from motorcycle parts to vests and tchotchkes too. It really has become a little biker Coachella.

If you haven't been out to Born-Free, it happens annually and is one of the best shows in the US. Be sure to head over to and come out for next year's show! They just keep getting better.

Cutaway chopper from Vintage Technologies in Montana.
This cutaway chopper from Vintage Technologies in Montana used sealed bearings to keep the tiny amount of oil inside the engine.Morgan Gales
Sofi Tsingos' first custom motorcycle at Born-Free.
This bike was Sofi Tsingos' first custom build at the show and she left with the official Born-Free Award.Morgan Gales
Custom motorcycle at Born-Free 11.
They're not all American motorcycles at Born-Free. Many metrics like this one stand out as fan favorites.Morgan Gales
Skull illustration on back of custom motorcycle.
The devil is in the details. Quite literally in this case.Morgan Gales
San Diego Customs hosted an FXR and Dyna show on the grass.
San Diego Customs hosted an FXR and Dyna show on the grass.Morgan Gales
Sportster and custom motorcycle creator on the lawn at Born-Free.
Martin sitting next to his first-year Sportster on the lawn at Born-Free.Morgan Gales
Kyle Ives on the Ives Brothers Wall of Death.
Kyle Ives doing his thing on the Ives Brothers Wall of Death.Morgan Gales
Family with snake at Born-Free motorcycle show.
It's a family show! So long as your family is cool with a little weirdness.Morgan Gales
Guests view motorcycles at Born-Free.
From proper restorations to full-blown abominations—there really is something for everyone at Born-Free.Morgan Gales
Molded chopper at Born-Free custom motorcycle show.
Expensive Trash outdid itself with its wild molded chopper.Morgan Gales
Cycle Zombies custom vintage motorcycle at Born-Free.
Cycle Zombies has a way with patina, bringing old choppers back to life without too much restoration.Morgan Gales
Woman with drink at Born-Free motorcycle show.
Cold beer and light clothing are the popular remedy for consistently high temperatures at the Born-Free Show. Somehow we all manage.Morgan Gales
Custom motorcycle "The Desert Fox" by Hayden Roberts.
"The Desert Fox" by Hayden Roberts getting some well-deserved attention.Morgan Gales
Women at Born-Free 11 motorcycle show.
White shirts and denim shorts… Now that's a uniform we can get behind.Morgan Gales