Bonneville Legend Sam Wheeler Dies in Crash

Man who dedicated his life to speed dies doing what he loves

Sam Wheeler
Sam Wheeler with his Parts Unlimited/ EZ-Hook StreamlinerCycle World

Sam Wheeler had been pursuing the land speed record for more than 50 years. His 1300cc inline-four Hayabusa powered streamliner has achieved the title of Fastest Motorcycle, but that never ended it for Sam. Chasing a land speed record is a life long goal for many riders and racers, and Sam was truly a legend among them. Not too many details have been released, but he was injured in a crash at the Bonneville Salt Flats on Monday, while testing out his rear-wheel powered racer.

At 72 years old, Wheeler has taken his streamliner up to speeds upwards of 350mph, and hoped to see 400mph one day.

Take a moment today to remember a man who dedicated his life to speed, and passed away doing what he loved.