BMW K1600 GTL Ken's Factory Special

Ken Nagai's insane six-cylinder roadster

The K1600 rides among the peak of luxury motorcycles. Ken took the opposite path and ripped away from such comfort to celebrate the K1600 power plant. The vicious outcome was an aggressive digger - an approach that he does so very well. Few can gracefully execute such a radical visual and technical transformation of a complicated motorcycle. After much studying and planning, cutting and stripping began.

Hundreds of pounds access were torn away as major chops were executed and anything that hinted at luxury went the wayside. Added, or more-so replaced, parts include Ken’s Factory brand girder front-end, 23” front and 20” custom billet wheels.

The result was not only a head turner, but this alternative result caught the eye of the many. People seem to be talking after witnessing complexities of such a motorcycle go so raw. Barriers were indeed broken.

BMW has proven that their bikes are open to customization. This proof will go on tour world-wide.

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