Before the Bobber

What do you want to know about Triumph's new Bonneville Bobber?

Triumph Bonneville BobberTriumph Motorcycles

Triumph's Bonneville Bobber is a pretty polarizing motorcycle. Half of the people I have talked to seem to abhor the look of it, while others love it. Personally, I love the look and hate the name, but more on that when we get into the review.

The fact that Triumph used a Fox Suspension rear shock on their monoshock swingarm is exciting to me. I got the chance to sit on the new model during the unveiling in Los Angeles and the ergonomics seem surprisingly comfortable. But what's really important here is what you want to know!

We're heading out to Spain this weekend to test ride the Bobber, and pick the brains of the engineers that put it together, and we want to hear your questions! What do you want to ask the team behind the Bonneville Bobber? What do you want to know about the performance and the ride?

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