Battle of the Kings: Snow Drag

Timbersled Sportster Roadster from Slovakia

snow sportster
Snow Drag snow Sportster from SlovakiaH-D

If you can name it, it's been done with a Sportst--- OH MY GOD

After seeing an Evo Sporty engine in a four-wheeled ATV last week, I figured I had just about seen it all. I was so very wrong.

This far-out snow custom comes from a country not well-known for their Harley-Davidson customs, Slovakia. While some of the builds for the Battle of the kings tend to aim more at standing out than making a good, fully-functioning motorcycle, we aren't criticizing H-D Banska Bystrica on this one at all. Sure it's just about the most absurd Sportster we've seen, but hell, I still want nothing more than to ride it.

Snow Sportster
Harley-Davidson Roadster Snow Drag by H-D Banska BystricaHarley-Davidson

The normal Timbersled conversion is built for a right side drive. The Sportster has a left-side belt, so the builders here had to fabricate a conversion system. The snow kit also has its own braking and suspension systems, both of which were designed to function with bikes very different than a Harley-Davidson. All of the original braking systems had to be removed, and the new replacements wired in. Because of the modified wheelbase, which is now incredibly long, rear set foot controls were used to move the rider a little further back.

Snow Sportster
It's not just for looks on the Harley-Davidson Roadster Snow Drag by H-D Banska BystricaH-D

If thing was shot in a studio, I would call malarkey. But no, they did it proper. They took it out, romped the snow, jumped this +500lb beast, and showed us this bike can do exactly what it is meant to.

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Snow Sportster
Harley-Davidson Roadster Snow Drag by H-D Banska BystricaH-D
Snow Sportster
Is it easier or harder to lose traction when your back wheel is basically tank tread?H-D
Snow Sportster
That's one seriously long wheelbaseHarley-Davidson