Babes of Born Free 9

The beautiful people of Southern California's custom motorcycle show!

They won't let me sit with them.Staci Wilt

Oh Born Free Show, how we love you so. The attendees hunger for chopularity and the extreme heat of Live Oak Canyon always culminate in this perfect blend of hot, trashy and scantily clad. While we normally have Morgan out there scouring the field for babes, we took a different approach this year and had our main girl Staci Wilt show us the show through her lens! She rode in and stormed the place, capturing all there was to see!

We hope you enjoy her gallery here, and be sure to see some of our favorite bikes from the show here!

"Anywhere but here"Staci Wilt
Parasol was a good ideaStaci Wilt
Babes catching some shadeKelly Yazdi
What a smile!Staci Wilt
That's one way to beat the heatStaci Wilt
They could probably beat me upStaci Wilt
Babes and sportsters, like peas and carrotsStaci Wilt
I really hope she was wearing sunscreenStaci Wilt
CuteStaci Wilt
What bigger babe exists than Justin George cooking up the MEATS?!Staci Wilt