Babes of Born Free 7

Eye candy means more than motorcycles at bf7

Born Free is an incredible and unique show. I don't believe this show could exist anywhere other than Southern California: the birthplace of Kustom Kulture. With the weather this year being in the 90s and Oak Canyon Ranch being nestled right into a little windless zone: we were all stripping our unnecessary layers right quick. My Granddad had a wandering eye and must have passed it right on to me, cause I had a hard time focusing on the bikes after that. Here are a few of the standout babes, as well as a couple of other interesting personalities from the show.

mullet n shorties

This dude won best outfit, hands down. Really good grasp on what's hip in the chopper scene these days.

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Jessi Combs
It gets hot real fast when you're wearing a natural sweater and scarf on your face. This is Erik in front of the mister.