Annual Motorcycle Gift Guide

You should deck your halls with more than just boughs. Our annual gift guide can help.

Got a slew of motorcycle nuts on your gift list? Have no fear-Motorcycle Cruiser's annual Holiday Gift Guide is here.

Lid Lair
That helmet cost you serious cash, so why not protect your investment? The Ultimate Helmet Garage keeps your shiny lid dust and scratch free while in storage. The durable Cordura Plus exterior and fleece interior also feature a pocket for an extra visor. Three mesh outer pockets provide space for gloves and sundries and the Toughtek bottom keeps things from sliding when taking the helmet out. $75; get color options and more details from

Building on its successful motorcycle gauges, Formotion Products has released the N-Wave chronograph, a watch that looks like something out of the Alien movies. Corrosion-resistant marine-grade stainless steel and a thick watch crystal add durability while keeping the Citizen full chronograph movement dry in up to 165 feet of water. The name refers to the pressure waves supersonic aircraft produce; these waves coalesce into an "N-Wave" which creates a sonic "boom." Suggested retail is $185. For more details see

Speedy Santa
People like gifts they can use year-round, and Spidi's Netstep 365 jacket certainly qualifies. The 3/4-length number sports CE-certified armor in the elbows, shoulders and back along with a waterproof, breathable liner to warm your cockles come wintertime. When it's sunny, zip out the liner and let breezes flow through exposed mesh panels. Just $449; see for details.

We Just Call
Them Journals Nowadays in case you missed this cinematic rollercoaster ride in theaters, The Motorcycle Diaries is now out on DVD. Based on a true story, the film follows two devil-may-care pals, Ernesto "Che" Guevara and Alberto Granado, on a wild trip across Latin America atop a beat-up old Norton. Executive produced by Robert Redford, and hailed by many film critics as a must-see (we liked it too). In Spanish with English subtitles, $34.95 via

And Then There Was
Don't you think there should be at least one motorcycle-themed item decorating the tree, the halls, the front yard? These crafty little motolights from Aerostich will light up your festivities no matter what the occasion, and at $21 a pop, they're cheap dcor for any budget. No reason to be a Scrooge anymore: get 'em at

Not From Concentrate
We're forever espousing the "better-safe-than-sorry" approach to motorcycle touring, and that means packing compact tools. A good candidate for an all-in-one unit is Leatherman's Juice-series tool, the Xe6. With its built-in needlenose pliers, two knives, a saw, two wire cutters, four screwdrivers and scissors, you're amply covered if the mechanical aspects of your trip go awry. We also like the included 25-year warranty. $59.99 at and REI stores nationwide, or check

Cut the Crap
Forget bulky tapes and CDs-with 120 channels of commercial-free satellite radio and flawless reception that won't fade out in the middle of a great song, XM Radio seems like the logical choice for serious road trips. This compact kit includes everything needed for easy installation and use, and it's movable from vehicle to vehicle-perfect for motorcycle applications. With CNN on the dial, you'll never look back. $130 from, or visit

Speed Reading
If you're tired of stuffing the stocking with ties and aftershave, try appealing to your recipients' cerebral side. The Edelbrock: Made in U.S.A. hardcover tells the history of the performance aftermarket industry as it unfolds around Vic Edelbrock Sr. and other pioneers of the aftermarket industry. The colorful $40 tome is loaded with never-before-seen photos celebrating the company's 67th anniversary of quality aftermarket performance automotive and motorcycle products. Get the details at

Tin Twins
We remember these from our childhood (yeah, we're older than we look), and nothing was cooler than pushing the little metal buggers across the floor to see the engines spark. One version of these limited-edition 1950's tin reproductions comes complete with those moving pistons. Get them for $18.99 from J&P; Cycles; visit or call (800) 397-4844.

Tin Is In
Required dcor for any true motorhead's garage is one of these embossed, heavy-gauge tin signs. We like the one that features this "The Art of Motorcycles" image from the Harley-Davidson Archive Collection. It measures 12 x 16 inches, is made in the U.S.A. and retails for $20. Find this and more ideas at

Old School Cool
If you doubt LePera's street cred, just take a look at its latest catalog for new designs based on chopper styles from the late '60s and early '70s. The company's metal-flake seats are a nod to a time when choppers ruled and metal flake was king. The rugged new material is available in just about any color, in smooth or diamond pattern, with or without piping. $75-$115; Check it out at or call (818) 767-5110.

Nano, Nano
Finish off your freshly cleaned scoot with a wax job from NanoWax, and unsightly swirl marks on the bodywork will be a thing of the past. So claims Eagle One's press kit; apparently, particles in traditional wax products are too large to effectively remove hairline scratches, so Eagle One engineers developed a high-gloss formula to conceal the swirls. A non-abrasive microfiber polishing cloth is included; find Nano Wax at leading auto parts stores for a suggested $9.99 or visit

Skirting The Issue
Even old Hogs deserve fresh coverage, and these Sport Skirts should do the trick-they come with all the pieces needed (including the chrome bar shown) to transform your bulky bagger into a svelte cycle within 15-20 minutes. The Sport Skirt just snaps into the new brackets and there's no need to remove them-hard bags swap back in seconds. Get them for $595 at

Everyone Knows It's Windy
JC Whitney claims its Cycle Dry Motorcycle Dryer is as powerful as a leaf blower, and the flexible rubber nozzle won't scratch your paint. You can dry an entire bike in 10 minutes with one hand, there's a lock-trigger for convenience and it all weighs only 3 lbs. The whole thing retails for $39.99. See more at

Chrome Cuckoo
Wake the sleeping beast (or anyone, really) with this practical Chrome Travel Alarm Clock from The Motor Company. The clock features a Harley-Davidson logo graphic on the cover and a Bar & Shield logo graphic on the face and it sells for a suggested $40 at (800) LUV2RIDE or

Aero Wrap
Every gift needs the right finishing touch; erase all doubts about your Christmas cheer with this spot-on wrapping paper design from Aerostich. Your gifts will stand out wrapped in this paper featuring a slew of different bikes in a nice geometric pattern. Sold in rolls of 30 x 72 inches, for only $5 a roll. Visit

See Me, Feel Me
There's an annoying traffic light down the street from us that almost never detects our bike's presence at the intersection. Don't do like us and risk an undeserved citation; better to try one of these traffic light triggers, which claim to trip most signals' electromagnetic field to start the light's timer cycle. At two inches in length, the Signal Sorcerer should fit into even the tightest spots. Find it for $19.95 at

Tour Master
Keeping the tootsies dry on a ride in this rainy time of year is of paramount importance. TourMaster's new WP Solution boot looks like a good option-a durable waterproof leather outer, a King Tex waterproof, breathable membrane with sealed seams and waterproof thread provide what the company calls "comfortable waterproofing." That means rain protection without the stiffness common to many waterproof boots. $119; for more information, see

Better Than Old Socks
If the stench of the garage is what you live for, then (besides seeking professional help) you should probably also seek out this grease-monkey's version of aromatherapy. Calming lavender it's not, but the tire-shaped Smokin' Ride Drag Slick Scented Candle will certainly wow the in-laws. The smell of burning rubber has a way of doing that. For info, check out or call (614) 893-5531.

Hold On
Grips are usually just grips, but you can draw more attention to yours with these new designs from the metal maniacs at Aeromach. The distinctly belligerent Pistol Grip Levers are CNC-machined from extruded billet aluminum then chrome-plated. Your Yamaha Road Star will never look (or feel) the same again. $139.95 a pair; for more information, visit

Kick The Bucket
Wish you could clean your cruiser without the ubiquitous bucket o' suds? Eagle One answers your plea with Bucket-Free Wash, a spray-on soap that eliminates the pail while claiming to provide a better wash. Spray it on a wet vehicle, agitate with a sponge and rinse. Because you don't recycle brown slop from bucket to bike, the result is a spotless finish. Suggested retail is $4.99 at leading automotive parts stores. For info, visit

Route Protection
This Rand McNally atlas has large maps with lots of detail, but more importantly for real-world riding, they're laminated with plastic, yet thin enough so each map can be folded flat for use in tank bags. The maps themselves are new, highly detailed representations that cover the U.S.A. and Mexico, and include detailed city, vicinity and downtown city maps. Get it for $60, at

Just Stay
We thought this Deluxe Universal Saddlebag Tie Down Kit would make a perfect stocking stuffer. The simple, handy set will be a boon on your future travels, and at the low price of $14.99, you can spread the good will around and get some for your whole riding club. Check out this and more accessories at

High On The Hog
Feeling bullish? Might as well get in on the action with a few shares of Harley-Davidson stock in your portfolio. This framed Harley-Davidson stock certificate, featuring a contemporary design with the company's logo, would complement any proud Hog owner's wall. The $134 cost breaks down to $50 for the stock, $44 for the frame and a one-time share fee of $39. Get more information at or call (888) 777-6919.

The Fast Flush
While updating the fixtures in your loo, you might consider the Downshift Flusher. The solid aluminum racing shifter toilet handle comes complete with an inside arm and nut, is made in the U.S.A. and the manufacturer says it will fit almost any toilet. This one's good for plenty of yuks at your guest's expense, plus easy installation makes it a great gift. Get it for $29.95 at or call (800) 699-9297.

Now That's Art
If you have a killer shot of your shiny steed a simple frame just won't do. BlackSilver Ceramic Creations can transform those photos into uniquely beautiful images on ceramic tile. Each 14 x 18-inch photo is coated in a clear, high-gloss finish and custom-framed. Prices run $179-$225; for more details visit

How Illuminating
We may have accidentally overlooked these compact aftermarket lights when compiling last issue's Buyers Guide, but there's no reason you have to. The cast-aluminum and stainless-construction 35-watt MR16 halogen MotoLights have a 6-amp draw, and come with a custom switch housing and heavy-duty wiring harness (specific to your bike). A lifetime warranty doesn't hurt either. Call (800) 567-8346 or visit

Charge It
You've stashed your bike away for the season, and now thoughts of a dead battery in April haunt you. Better have a charger ready come spring; the new, compact, user-friendly CTEK Multi US 3300 looks like a good bet. CTEK, a well-known Swedish firm, is beginning its push into the U.S. market, and its products are said to be top-shelf. We're keen on the $69.95 Multi 3300's special cold-temperature mode for winter climates. Visit for the scoop.

Shades Of Steel
A set of cool specs always makes a welcome gift, and these should do the job nicely. Bene Michelle Cambra of Motoration Cycle Dcor is offering limited edition pairs of Rebel Eyes art eyewear, each hand-detailed with unique materials like exotic skins, hand-painted frames and forged metal. Order at (562) 433-2481 or at They're $200 each, and 10 percent of every purchase goes to the SPCA Foundation of America. See more at

Texas Two-Wheeling
With Dorothy Waldman's The Biker's Guide to Texas: 25 Great Motorcycle Rides in the Lone Star State, you can judge the book by the cover. Waldman has scouted these rides personally, uncovering the thrills of the Lone Star state from North Texas woodlands to Big Bend country. The routes are carefully mapped and offer a biker's perspective on what to see, eat and where to stay. The book sells for $18.95; for more info see

Holy Shift
No reason to settle for a simple lamp on your nightstand-plug into some fun with the Gear Shift Lamp. This handcrafted item features a genuine Hurst shifter boot and brilliant chrome trim from an original patent-pending design made in the U.S.A. The glass light has a gear-shifter pattern and accepts bulbs up to 25 watts for perfect accent lighting. Suggested price of $199.95; for more info visit or call (800) 826-8810.

Moto Pursuit
Lots of our friends are trivia junkies, and this is the perfect gift. The Moto Trivia game boasts 100 years of motorcycle history and knowledge sandwiched into over 500 questions, some of which will make you groan and some that will make you grin. The deck is divided into Sports & Legends, Touring & Clubs, American & European, Road Rash & Other Mysteries, Motorcycling & Media and Made in Japan. It's only $12 at

In The Bag
Everybody needs a tool bag, and U.S. Saddlebag's line of pouches is made from stout top-grain leather, with heavy nylon thread, lock-stitched to provide support and strength. These top-quality bags are adjustable to custom-fit virtually any motorcycle and can adapt for use on front forks or sissybars, etc. The tool bags, like the company's saddlebags, are available in classic, with fringe, studded or with decorative inlay. For more info and pricing see

Line 'Em Up
The inside of a helmet = boooooring. Why not wick it up a few notches with a snazzy liner? Your ScorpionEXO street helmet will dig the graphic visuals and your friends will just stand there, mouthing, "duuuuude." The moisture-wicking liner snaps in easily, is washable and comes in five patterns. Get it for $34.95 at

Stuff It
The Riding Pack Stocking Stuffer's a no-brainer when you've run out of shopping time. A beanie hat and a pair of full-finger gloves made of water-resistant fleece come pre-packaged in a Harley-Davidson gift box, so they're ready to go under the tree pronto. Best of all, the whole thing will only set ya back $40. Get it at or (800) LUV2RIDE.

Hog Power
It's a rare tome that can occupy both coffee table and workbench, but Whitehorse Press has managed to find one-the just-released Big Book of Harley-Davidson Horsepower, by Tom Murphy. The large-format 176 pager, stuffed with full-color illustrations and photos, provides a passel of performance solutions for V-Twin Harley riders. $24.95; see for more details.

Denim 'N' Leather
Icon's new Strongarm jacket should please the fashion-conscious as well as the hard-core safety freaks in your circle of moto-buddies. That's because it combines heavy-duty 14-oz. denim with rugged leather sleeves and buttresses the whole thing with removable CE-approved elbow and shoulder armor. It even has zipper vents for climate control. Get it for $215 in black or blue, naturally. Visit for the details.

Pod People
Along with small dogs, $300 jeans and Lance Armstrong-style wristbands, the iPod ranks high on the list of today's must-have accessories. For riders with that music library however, it's a challenge to protect it from dust, water and impact. Naturally, there's now an accessory for your accessory-the oPod. This interactive cover lets you take your music to the great outdoors in any kind of weather. It's available for $49.95 from Whitehorse Press;