Andrew Cherney, Editor

Cherney's favorite 2 words in the dictionary are "road" and "trip"

If you're listening for a New York accent, you won't hear one from Editor Andrew Cherney. Born and bred in the Big Apple, Cherney made a break for the West Coast 20 years ago and has never looked back (okay, so he's been known to fly back occasionally to visit the family and to score a decent slice of pizza).

Although he cut his teeth riding clapped-out dirtbikes in the forests of upstate New York, Cherney didnt hit the asphalt until he got to California. Cherney's getaway to the physical space and mental freedom of the West fanned his fondness for two wheels into a passion. A Honda Nighthawk begat a Yamaha Maxim and, just to see what all the fuss was about, a pre-Evo Harley Sportster. Earthquakes ensued, riots erupted and, finally, the planets aligned. A brief stint at _ Motorcyclist _ and _ Sport Rider _ magazines evolved into a plum assignment at the periodical that perhaps best suited his penchant for roadtrips -- Motorcycle Cruiser.

Since then, Cherney has embraced the two-wheeled world with aplomb -- (save a few minor scrapes on ATVs) cruising through the entire MSF curriculum, a few Iron Butt rides and the occasional racetrack school (yes, on cruisers).

But some things you can't learn in school -- and that's what traveling's for. The erstwhile editor hopes to ride every continent on the planet before the decade is out, and fulfill his dream of a five-bike garage along the way. For now, he'll have to settle for a dusty old BMW sitting in the corner with a flat.

Andrew Cherney's current personal ride is a dusty 1971 BMW R60/5 ("ride" being a relative term, of course). He believes that what you wear on your head should be your own choice, and that anyone caught using the term "weapons of mass destruction" should be incarcerated.

Vital Information

Height: 5-foot-seven
Weight: 152.7 lbs
Inseam: 30 in.
Glove size: usually small