All In One Pocket Book from Busch and Busch

Handmade leather tall wallet built to last

Busch and busch kit carson

Busch and Busch is not your average motorcycle garage. or leather shop. or sculpture studio. or design house. The two brothers from Reno, NV have known that they were going to be working together since they developed the rough idea for B&B in high school in '94. They started off doing body work, welding and minor jobs on friends' cars before moving on to motorcycles and then on to hot rods in the mid 2000's. Now you can find Daniel and Lance getting their hands dirty with just about any man-craft you can think of. They beat metal and make incredible, lasting and functional pieces (usually for motorcycles), they paint and pinstripe, just plain old draw and paint, and what we're focusing on today: they design and hand make leather goods.

Busch and busch kit carson

The Kit Carson is an all-in-one tall wallet made out of very high quality full-grain leather. My first impression was that it was intelligently designed. The leather at some of the edges where there is no seam or stress has been thinned out to wear more easily in your pocket. Certain stress points have been reinforced with brass rivets. The pen holder has a little piece of spandex inside in case you would like to fit a pen or pencil with a smaller diameter than the one included. It is just a little taller than a dollar bill. To put it simply: I'm impressed. I want to wear the hell out of this thing, and it's put together with the quality construction that I can hand it down to my kid one day.

There is something sincere about knowing that when you call a company you will talk to one of the two dudes that made your product.

That's accountability, and they put out REAL quality that they can stand behind.

The kit is available with the Field Notes notebook and Fisher Bullet Pen for $130 or just the wallet for $100. As they are hand made, they may take up to a week to complete each unit. Check out all awesome stuff to come from Busch and Busch on their website or their STORE

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