All The Details We Couldn't Fit About the Indian Chieftain

2014 Indian Chieftain Expanded

In our review of the new 2014 Indian Chieftain (November 2013 Motorcycle Cruiser), we couldn't cover all aspects of the bold new model at the time due to space limitations and time constraints.

We also couldn't run every photo we wanted to, so here's some more information on the bike, along with a photo gallery, that will hopefully shed more light on this bold new model.

Indian frame Underneath the Chieftain's uniquely vintage bodywork lies a thoroughly modern aluminum frame incorporating aluminum castings, forgings and steel elements, with the rear fender even utilized as a structural member. Near the steering head, the frame serves as part of the air box.

Indian Thunder Stroke 111 engine Tucked into that lightweight frame is the stunning Thunder Stroke 111 engine, an all new design from Polaris. This beauty's a classic two-valve push-rod design with downward firing exhaust. As for that endless array of finning, it's what cools the cylinders and heads by giving more surface area for air to circulate around. A separate oil cooler is tucked in there as inconspicuously as possible. The engine is counterbalanced, fuel injected and driven-by-wire, delivering a claimed maximum of 119 ft/lbs at 3,000 rpm. Not bad for an engine that, according to Indian engineers, had to be designed "from the outside in".

Chieftain Power Screen Unlike its more cruiser styled stablemates, the Chieftain gets a power windshield, 100 watt audio system, bluetooth and tire pressure monitor. All three bikes feature a key fob with proximity sensor that allows you to start the bike without a key.Indian says they wind-tunnel-tested the fairing extensively, and it shows. The big wing manages to keep windblast off you, while maintaining a very still pocket of air for the rider without any serious buffeting, even at speed.

Chieftain dash The fairing mounted instrument cluster features an electronic speedometer, tachometer, and fuel gauge with odometer, dual tripmeters with distance and time, instantaneous and average fuel economy; fuel range; real-time clock; ambient air temperature; gear position display; front and rear tire pressure; engine hours of operation; average speed; battery voltage; radio information; heated grip level (if installed) and more.

There are also 15 LED telltale indicators: cruise control enabled, cruise control set, neutral, high beam, turn signal, ABS, check engine, low tire pressure, battery, low fuel, security system, low engine oil pressure and MPH or km/h unit designation

Chieftain Bag Removal The Chieftain saddlebag's can be locked and unlocked remotely, as well as removed, relatively easily.

Chieftain Bars Handlebars are internally wired and cruise control is standard, and the integrated Bluetooth smart phone connection makes it easy to run music stored in the phone through the Indian Chieftain audio system. Playlist info is displayed on the multi-function display screen, and switches near the handgrip make it easy to control the audio.

Chieftain action Unlike its cousins the Classic and the Vintage, which roll on laced wheels and whitewall tires, the Chieftain has cast wheels and blackwalls.