The 7 Cruiser Riders You'll Meet

Sometimes we have to step back and laugh at ourselves

Yammie Noob has gained internet infamy by stereotyping different types of riders in a hilarious fashion. His first video like this: The 9 Sport Bike Riders You'll Meet blew up last year, and now he has set his sites on cruiser riders.

First off, it's obvious he isn't a cruiser rider. It's hard to poke fun at a scene you aren't a part of or don't fully understand, and I think that's why some of what he says comes off as derogatory. Secondly, he sort of nails it with a few of these. He is an equal opportunity offender that that targets all sorts of riders, so I guess it's fair we take our turn?

Like he mentions in the beginning, he recently had a crash before making this video. I'll blame the whole seven/ nine confusion on that. We hope you enjoy the video, Yammie Noob's irreverent attitude, and can take a second to laugh at yourself and your riding buddies like we have.

They even used one of our photos in the video!