The 7: 1966 Honda CB160 by Denton Moto

A vintage chicken hawk, built to race

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'The 7' by Denton MotoDenton Moto

At the urging and offer to help from a good friend, Fabian Campos was trailering one of his four vintage motorcycles - a 1966 Honda CB160 vintage racer - from Denton to Lewisville. He stopped at the corner gas station to make sure the straps were tight. He never made it onto the highway.

Trailing by only a couple of seconds behind, David Morales (a.k.a. @davmomoto) found himself directly behind said vintage racer. As a long-time motorcycle builder and enthusiast, he had to know the story of the bike he was following behind. So he pulled over, asked Fabian if he could take a closer look and then hopped out to have a chat.

After two hours of hanging out talking all things moto, the seed of Denton Moto Collective was planted. David and Fabian launched Denton Moto in May of 2015 and is now a small shop in Denton, TX specializing in vintage bikes.

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David and Fabian of Denton Moto with the CB160Denton Moto

The CB160smaller brother to the Honda Night Hawk also known as the “Chicken Hawk.” These bikes are favored as vintage racers for their light and strong frames, twin leading shoe front brakes, and simple but bullet-proof engines.

This bike we're looking at here came to the Denton Moto garage set up for vintage racing with all electrical components stripped out. A new seat and tank combo along with a hand-formed aluminum front fairing were added for both performance and aesthetics. High pipes with a custom muffler and heat shield finish off the race set-up. The stock electrical system was restored, and a custom wire harness and controller was made. There are tail light and rear signal mounts made from recycled cymbals. Finished off with a competition paint scheme, this bike has been dubbed “The 7” as it is the builder's seventh custom build since quitting his day gig to pursue building bikes full time.

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'The 7' by Denton MotoDenton Moto