7 Great Cruiser Motorcycles For Beginning Riders

Our mainstream picks are easy to ride, easy to look at, and wallet-friendly.

2019 Triumph Street Twin rides on the road.
The easy-to-ride 2019 Triumph Street Twin is top choice for entry-level and experienced riders alike, bringing a solid feature set for under $10K.Triumph

When thinking about what makes the best cruiser for a beginning rider, you have to take confidence level into consideration. The mental aspect is absolutely fundamental, and maintaining the rider's comfort is imperative to mastering a skill, which will in turn promote long-term growth and enjoyment of the riding experience.

The following models promote confidence via low seat heights, light weight, and easy handling for newbies, making them unintimidating to ride and confidence-inspiring. All are priced under $10,000 as well, making the price point appealing too.

2019 Harley-Davidson Sportster SuperLow

2019 Harley-Davidson Sportster SuperLow in front of wall mural.
Hop on a new H-D Sportster that has been fine-tuned to take a rider’s stature, riding experience, and budget in mind.Harley-Davidson

Starting At $8,699

The Sportster has been a great go-to for beginner riders looking to hop on a Harley-Davidson branded motorcycle with the fit and feel that is perfect for riders of all experience levels. To further capitalize on the established success of the Sportster, H-D has introduced the SuperLow model, which boasts a lower seat level (27.8 inches), and a lower center of gravity that helps eliminate the "struggle" of managing a bigger, heavier bike. Along with the shorter saddle, the SuperLow also features a narrower frame to increase handling and stability, while the longer travel and adjustable rear suspension allows for a custom tune for the rider's weight and riding style. A staggered 18-inch front wheel and 17-inch rear wheel make for agile maneuvering at lower speeds, giving the rider better command in traffic situations.

2019 Indian Scout Sixty

2019 Indian Scout Sixty on road.
Capture Indian Motorcycle’s classic heritage styling and a great mix of modern amenities geared toward beginner riders with the 2019 Indian Scout Sixty.Indian Motorcycle

Starting at $9,499

In the same vein as H-D's SuperLow, the Indian Scout Sixty appeals to new riders with a lightweight feel, and instills a strong sense of confidence thanks to its low seat height and natural agility.

The cast-aluminum frame lends to the bike’s lighter weigh-in, and ultimately a more balanced ride without the need for much power and strength to stay in control. Indian has equipped the Scout Sixty with a 60ci, 78-pony V-twin motor that has more than enough muscle to have a good time without coming on too strong. ABS braking comes standard on all color options (except on Thunder Black), which gives the bike controllable, reliable stopping ability.

Indian’s Scout Sixty gives newcomers an ergonomically designed fit to promote comfort and control in a cool, nostalgic package that calls back to Indian Motorcycle’s rich heritage.

2019 Yamaha Bolt Sport

2019 Yamaha Bolt Sport beside water.
For new riders who appreciate classic bobber style, demand a confidence-building fit and feel, and want the ability to customize to their desire, the 2019 Yamaha Bolt Sport hits all the marks.Yamaha

Starting at $7,999

With so many entry-level options available, selecting a bike with a tailored aesthetic is easier than ever. Yamaha's 2019 Bolt Sport is a prime example, with its streamlined, old-school bobber appearance that is undeniably cool. The slim physique and low seat placement make it comfy and familiar after just a few rides.

A 58ci, air-cooled V-twin provides all the horsepower and low-end torque beginning riders could ask for, with front and rear disc brakes providing impressive stopping power. The Bolt’s shorter 61.8-inch wheelbase plays a huge role in its nimble handling, as does its 19-inch front wheel and 16-inch rear wheel. The suspension system allows for a smooth ride while keeping it at an ultra-manageable ride height.

The Yamaha Bolt sits at a great price point too. And even though the base model comes well equipped, tons of factory upgrade options are available to make customization just as much of a blast as the ride itself.

2019 Triumph Street Twin

2019 Triumph Street Twin in garage.
Triumph’s 2019 Street Twin offers riders a customizable riding mode, torque-assisted clutching, ergonomic design, and optimized performance that riders of all skill sets will want.Triumph

Starting at $9,300

Offering a confidence-boosting, ergonomically friendly design, Triumph's new 2019 Street Twin is better than ever. Riding posture has been addressed in the reconfiguration of the seat and positioning of other key elements to create a more comfortable, commanding ride than before.

The Street Twin comes with a torque-assist system that reduces the rider’s clutch lever effort, making congested city-riding scenarios less stressful. An ABS braking system and switchable traction control both lend to excellent stopping ability, increasing rider safety in all conditions. Triumph even incorporates a first-in-class Road and Rain mode that adjusts the throttle map with a single button. A cartridge fork gives the bike increased suspension travel that delivers a cushy ride.

The Street Twin is a great option for new riders as well as more experienced guys and gals looking for an urban-inspired ride. Oh, and did we mention that the 900cc Bonneville engine is 18 percent more powerful over the last generation?

2019 Honda Rebel 300

2019 Honda Rebel 300 on the side of the road.
Honda’s 2019 Rebel 300 is the super-affordable entry-level motorcycle that offers the perfect blend of power and agility for new riders to build confidence on the saddle.Honda

Starting at $4,499

Honda offers new riders a couple of options with its Rebel lineup. The Rebel 500 brings slightly more muscle for riders to grow into, but the Rebel 300 is the epitome of a beginner cruiser. Firstly, the capable single-cylinder 286cc engine makes for an overall lightweight and agile package, perfect for fresh riders just starting to stretch their legs on the highway, while wanting to remain more in-control zipping through the city. It's also a great option for smaller riders looking to gain confidence with one of the lowest-placed seats in the industry (27.2 inches), and its excellent cornering and handling seal the deal.

The Rebel 500 is built on essentially the same platform as the 300; it just kicks in a 471cc parallel-twin engine to make the ride a little more exciting without sacrificing its everyman appeal. Both bikes will appeal to audiences of all ages with a minimalistic design that calls out for customization. Aside from the multiple color options, you can also choose a factory “murdered out” accessory appearance. Honda branded accessories are available to outfit the Rebel(s) for improved commuter or long-distance traveling.

Starting at under $5K for the 300 or under $7K for the 500, either Rebel makes a great choice for beginning riders, or more experienced individuals looking for a sporty bike that’s easy to handle.

2019 Suzuki Boulevard C50

2019 Suzuki Boulevard C50
The C50’s all about classic styling cues, with wide, flared fenders, spoke wheels, and staggered dual exhausts. A low seat height, shaft drive, and fuel injection make it a solid choice for riders of all experience levels.Suzuki

Starting at $8,299

If you’re looking for a traditional cruiser, you came to the right place. But the C50’s wide flared fenders and spoke wheels don’t mean it’s a relic; fuel injection, liquid-cooling, and a low-maintenance shaft drive boosts its appeal for beginners and veterans alike. The C50 (formerly the Volusia) may look big and beefy, but its light weight, low and spacious seating area, and easily accessed controls will accommodate riders of all sizes and skill levels. Forward-biased floorboards and a deep dished cushy seat make it all-day comfy, and the 805cc 45-degree V-twin provides all kinds of grunt from low down in the rev range, smoothly powering this retro middleweight with a balanced rumble. Neither top-heavy or whisper-light, the C50 rolls with a supremely planted feel that manages to work well for both experienced cruisers as well as those new to the sport.

2019 Royal Enfield INT650

2019 Royal Enfield INT650 riding on road.
Not truly a cruiser, not really a standard, the Interceptor will nevertheless strike a chord with long-time vintage lovers as well as newcomers with its timeless style, friendy ergos and spunky performance.Jeff Allen

Starting at: $5,799

More roadster than cruiser—much like the similarly intentioned Triumph Bonneville—the INT650 is an approachable, stylish, and easy-to-ride (and afford) middleweight from Royal Enfield. You’ll be surprised at how much performance can wrung out of the new 650 parallel-twin engine, and just how user-friendly the entire bike is. Your wallet won’t complain either.

It’s also more ergonomically friendly than its café-flavored stablemate, the Continental, so new riders should have no problem cozying up to the more-standard, roomier seating position and nicely padded saddle. An aggressive 24-degree rake ensures this thing will be a breeze to handle, while the 270-degree 648cc twin engine serves up all kinds of low and midrange power that’s supremely easy to access thanks to a silky-smooth throttle response and a user-friendly clutch. The INT650’s teardrop-style fuel tank, long bench saddle, and upswept exhausts complete the retro styling cues, giving it that fun, do-it-all vibe with an emphasis on simplicity over tech and brute horsepower. What’s even better—for riders of any stripe—is that ABS comes standard.