2X2 Cycles Launches First-of-its-Kind Motorcycle Bike Rack

Motorcycle enthusiasts can take their bicycle with them

2X2 Cycles has just announced the launch of its highly anticipated “Motorcycle Bicycle Rack” – which it hopes will open up a whole new world of adventure for motorcycle and bicycle enthusiasts everywhere.

Designed with durability, safety and adventure in mind, the 2X2 Cycles Motorcycle Bicycle Rack is a unique, patented rack, that gives the user the freedom to safely and securely attach their road or mountain bicycle to the back of their motorcycle without any discernable change to the riding characteristics of the motorcycle. “The idea for the 2X2 Cycles Bicycle Rack came out of pure necessity,” said Garrett Blake, Inventor and CEO of 2X2 Cycles. I didn’t want to drive my 15-mpg truck to far-away bike trails and charity rides, and miss out on some great road rides without the motorcycle. Nor did I want to ride my motorcycle somewhere and see all those great trails and have no bicycle to use. I knew this rack would truly open up a whole new world of adventure to motorcycle enthusiasts.”

Handcrafted in the USA, the 2X2 Cycles Bicycle Rack is available for most motorcycle models and bicycle types and ships worldwide. The company also offers a Golf Club Carrier Rack for motorcycle golf enthusiasts and a line of other motorcycle accessories. For more info visit http://www.2X2cycles.com.

**About 2X2 Cycles **
Located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 2X2 Cycles was born out of the desire to give motorcycle enthusiasts a way to enjoy the best of both worlds. As a nice bonus, their innovative product helps folks do their part in lowering their carbon footprint and using less oil products.