Motorcycle events come and go, but the AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days seems like it's a permanent fixture on the summer show circuit. Every July, thousands of vintage bike enthusiasts from around the country gather around the rolling green hills of the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course to kickstart classic metal, race vintage bikes, ogle exotic customs, and swap stories with fellow gearheads. This year was a true gem, with crowds of happy attendees perusing hundreds of classic bikes, a sweet lineup of customs, and new bikes and restorations. Among the many Triumphs, Hondas, and Harleys you could also find pretty much anything else under the sun, like classic Benellis, current-day Royal Enfields, Janus 250s, Can-Ams, and on and on.

The AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days Swap Meet jams hundreds of vendors together to sell, buy, or trade bikes and parts, while the AMA Vintage Grand Championship, with roadracing, motocross, hare scrambles, and trials, is happening right next door. There’s a full slate of demo rides, bike shows, and stunt shows too, like the jaw-dropping American Motordrome Wall of Death (with riders navigating the wooden planks on vintage Harleys and Indians). Here is some of the other cool stuff we saw.

1976 Yammy XS650 chopper
This goosenecked 1976 XS650 chopper by Austin Martin Originals features a Pandemonium motor, kickstart, and a leading-link fork with knobbies.Andrew Cherney
American Motor Drome Company Wall of Death
The silo-shaped wooden cylinder of the American Motor Drome Company Wall of Death features vintage racers riding inside the board walls, much like they did 100 years ago.Andrew Cherney
British Motorcycle
An immaculate British machine casually parked on the lawn near the infield.Andrew Cherney
six-cylinder honda CBX
Spotted this mighty six-cylinder CBX on full display at the vintage Japanese tent.Andrew Cherney
Janus 250 by Halcyon
This Janus 250 by Halcyon is an amazingly faithful twist on vintage style built with modern materials.Andrew Cherney
Japanese artist Makato Endo
Japanese artist Makato Endo dabs the ink to sketch out a Honda 400 Four. So cool to watch him do his thing.Andrew Cherney
Royal Enfield
Royal Enfield, one of the sponsors of the show, had its Bullet 500 and Himalayan models on display.Andrew Cherney
stickered-up Harley-Davidson
We found this stickered-up Harley parked outside the Wall of Death arena. Guessing it belongs to one of the fearless riders.Andrew Cherney
super-clean Analog Ducati custom
A super-clean Ducati custom was found lurking in the Analog Customs booth.Andrew Cherney
classic Benelli
Among the dozens of Hondas, Triumphs, Yamahas, and Harleys, you could find dozens of other exotics, like classic Benellis.Andrew Cherney
Norton 750 Commando
Absolutely cherry Norton 750 Commando seen on the lawn outside the Old Bike Barn Crossroads.Andrew Cherney
Yamaha 125 Enduro
Of course it wasn’t just streetbikes; there was no shortage of old dirt bikes and dual-sports too, like this Yamaha 125 Enduro.Andrew Cherney