2018 Honda Gold Wing Gallery

Pictures of the Honda’s new high tech tourer in Pearl Stallion Brown

Photo gallery of the 2018 Honda Gold Wing, Honda’s high tech flagship motorcycle in Pearl Stallion Brown. Details of the Hossack suspension and updated display screen.

2018 Honda Gold Wing in Pearl Stallion BrownMorgan Gales

I don't know who is in charge of naming the colors of these awesome machines, but "Pearl Stallion Brown," has got to be one of my favorite paint schemes to come through the Cruiser garage. The 2018 Gold Wing is Honda's flagship motorcycle, so you can bet it's going to come equipped with some serious tech for rider safety, comfort, and ease of use.

Along with the Gold Wings new, slimmer lines comes a reduction in storage capacity.Morgan Gales

The Hossack suspension up-front shortens the front end, lightens up the handling, and decreases stopping distance. Dual Clutch Transmission removed the need to shift manually and the four ride modes ensure that you’re getting the most out of your engine at any point. The new, large display screen accurately and efficiently gives you a readout of your bike’s system, and any navigation or music you’re using. Hell, this bike even has Apple CarPlay.

Honda's 2018 Gold Wing in Dana Point, CAMorgan Gales

But let’s be real—what’s a bunch of great tech if it isn’t built around an awesome platform? The 1800cc engine that powers the Wing is smooth and strong, and thanks largely to that new front suspension, it handles incredibly well. While she may look like a big beast, once you get moving, the Gold Wing is surprisingly nimble.

Slimmed down and sped up, the new Honda Gold Wing is one awesome bike.

The 2018 Gold Wing at home on the California coastline.Morgan Gales
The 2018 Gold Wing is much slimmer than it's predecessor.Morgan Gales
The DCT transmission on this Gold Wing makes manual shifting a thing of the past.Morgan Gales
The display screen on the 2018 Gold Wing might be the best we've tested.Morgan Gales
The Gold Wing's adjustable windshield goes back to the lowered position when the bike is powered off.Morgan Gales
The steering head and shock of the Gold Wing's Hossack front suspension system.Morgan Gales
The two small crowns you see are the connectors for the steering arms, which are part of the steering mechanism on the Gold Wing's Hossack front end.Morgan Gales