2016 Yamaha Yard Built: SC Madras Comp SRL

The Romanian Yamaha Dealer's Yard Built Custom

SC Madras' custom Yamaha Yard Built bike
SC Madras Comp SRL custom Yamaha Motor Europe Yard Built entry.Yamaha Yard Built

SC Madras Comp SRL is a Yamaha Motor Europe dealer based in Romania, specializing in all aspects of the modern-day Yamaha motorcycle dealership: new and used bikes, service, parts, and especially cool custom bikes like the Fine Cut custom Yamaha Yard Built entry shown here.

SC Madras' Yard Built bike
SC Madras Comp SRL Yard Built BikeYamaha Yard Built

You can't go wrong with header wrap when customizing a bike. And SC Madras unique exhaust design with hi-temp head pipe wrap is a great way to clean up any bling that definitely didn't belong with this project.

SC Madras' clean motor setup
SC Madras Comp SRL Yard Built engine designYamaha Yard Built

Nothing says sanitary like a blacked out bike with just the right amount of pop. The SC Madras all-black Yard Built bike is just that and more and the Romanian dealer is definitely one to watch in the 2016 Yard Built challenge. Just look at how clean the seat setup strips away any bullshit and unnecessary components. We likey!

SC Madras' custom Yard Built bike
SC Madra's Primary side of their Yamaha Yard Built custom.Yamaha Yard Built

SC Madras also prefers a more sanitary and discrete electronic parts and exhaust aesthetic, and it's pretty safe to say they achieved their goals with this 2016 Yard Built entry.

SC Madras' custom Yamaha Yard Built seat
Sweet seat on SC Madras' Yamaha Yard Built customYamaha Yard Built

SC Madras' custom project suggests a bond between technology and nature, which is why they simplified the overall concept, because less really is more in this case, and they replaced the plastic bits with crafted warm textured details of wood and brass.

SC Madras' cool handlebar setup
Clean and classy, the SC Madras bar setup blends multiple technologiesYamaha Yard Built

Overall, stripping the fluff from the bike enables their rider to feel cozy and at home wherever this retro Yamaha carries him or her.