2014 CVO Road King Gets Rushmore

2014 Harley CVO Road King

Harley's Custom Bagger Now Has Dark Custom Styling

The CVO™ Road King, Harley's entry in the high-performance bagger segment, gains a new attitude for 2014 thanks to Project RUSHMORE. New CVO Road King tweaks include blacked-out components like the handlebar, controls, mirrors, powertrain and covers. The saddlebags get extended and now wrap around the mufflers, while the new low-profile seat (now two-piece) gets a removable passenger pillion. The brawny Screamin' Eagle Twin Cam 110™ V-Twin engine is fitted with a new tuned Heavy Breather air cleaner and intake runner.

Project RUSHMORE: A Journey, Led by Riders.

According to H-D, "Project RUSHMORE is a comprehensive effort by Harley-Davidson to improve every aspect of the motorcycle riding experience. After years of imagining, planning, engineering, styling, and testing, and countless hours of riding with and talking to its customers, Harley-Davidson presents the results of Project RUSHMORE on motorcycle models that are smart, comfortable, responsive and simply stunning."

"Project RUSHMORE has been touched by thousands of people, many of them our riding customers," said Scott Habegger, Harley-Davidson Director of Motorcycle Planning. "It represents a new direction in product development at Harley-Davidson that integrates the voice of the customer not just up front, but throughout the process. We gather input and ideas at formal focus groups, but also at all the events we attend, at our demo rides, sometimes just talking to that rider or passenger sitting on the next stool at a diner. Our dealers also provide valuable input. We take our ideas and solutions back to customers as prototypes and get more feedback before settling on a final design. "

The Project Rushmore enhancements slot into four customer-defined categories: Control, Infotainment, Feel and Style. For 2014 those elements were applied to the CVO Road King:

  1. Control

Reflex Linked Brakes combine ABS with electronically linked brakes that dynamically optimize front/rear brake balance. Linked braking is activated when the motorcycle is above 20 to 25 mph. If braking is initiated at slower speeds the front and rear brakes function independently. When linked braking is active, applying the front, rear or both brake controls will apply braking force to both the front and rear brakes in a proportion determined by the Reflex Linked Brakes system to optimize performance. The braking will stay linked as speed drops below the 20-25 mph threshold. Reflex Linked Brakes incorporates ABS to further help the rider maintain control during braking events, especially those that happen in less-than-optimal conditions.

The Daymaker LED headlight delivers a highly focused lighting pattern that delivers outstanding "punch" into the darkness. The light quality mimics that of natural daylight to further enhance visibility, and its bright-white color is conspicuous in traffic. The Daymaker headlamp has two D-shaped lenses: one that focuses light into a pool directly in front of the bike for outstanding low-beam illumination, and another separate high-beam projector that delivers a super-bright, focused beam to penetrate deep into the darkness.

Improved Front Suspension including larger fork sliders and stiffer triple clamps, provide improved steering response. Fork diameter is increased from 43.1mm to 49mm (14 percent). The steering stem is supported by larger bearings. Suspension damping has been re-tuned for a smoother ride over minor pavement irregularities like tar strips.

  1. Style

One-Touch Design: A functional element applied to the saddlebags and fuel tank door permits latching and unlatching with a press or pull of a finger. The new hard saddlebags have a sleeker shape and offer about 1 percent more capacity. New One Touch latch handles are located between the seat and the saddlebag. A new hinge design makes it possible to open the lid with one hand. The new saddlebag supports are made of cast aluminum and are cleaner looking, lighter in weight, comprise fewer parts, and provide better bag alignment than the steel supports they replace.

The shape, feel, position and function of all hand controls have been improved. Hand control buttons have a dished shape and angle that better fits the thumb or finger and provides positive engagement. Switch texture and keystroke was designed to provide better feel. The cruise control button is moved to the left hand control so the right hand no longer has to maintain the throttle. A new Trip switch trigger on the back of the left hand control cycles the LCD screen on the speedometer through odometer, trip, range to empty, clock and gear displays.

New Fenders: The steel fender has a streamlined shape, and the skirt has been cut slightly higher to expose more of the front wheel. The fender is also tilted forward slightly to level it with the ground.

Other features of the 2014 CVO Road King:

Rubber-mounted, air-cooled Screamin' Eagle Twin Cam 110™ engine with Automatic Compression Release; rated at 116.5 ft. lbs. peak torque at 3750 rpm. The engine is equipped with Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI) and Electronic Throttle Control (ETC), and is mated to a 6-speed Cruise Drive transmission.

EW Custom paint scheme is offered in three color combinations:

 Tribal Orange and Galactic Black with Aztec Shadow graphics

Titanium Dust and Galactic Black with Aztec Shadow graphics

Deep Sherwood Pearl and Galactic Black with Aztec Shadow graphics

NEW Custom two-piece seat and matching passenger pillion finished in black "tuck and roll" leather.

NEW Keyless ignition features hands-free operation with a proximity-based security fob.

NEW Heavy Breather high-performance air cleaner features a Screamin' Eagle 110 insert, washable media filter and rain sock.

NEW LED stop/tail/turn rear lighting is integrated in the fender filler panels.

NEW Extended saddlebags with a chrome One-Touch latch.

NEW Plush carryout saddlebag liners.

NEW Internally wired, black 1.25-inch diameter handlebar with a revised ergonomic bend.

NEW color-matched upper fork covers and nacelle, saddlebag hinges, rear fender strut covers, license plate light cover and rear fascia.

Detachable Vented Wind Splitter windshield with an adjustable vane to match air flow to the rider's height.

Low-profile chrome console holds a combination speedometer/tachometer with programmable back-light colors.

Chrome billet-style extended reach heel shifter.

Assist & Slip Clutch Pack provides a slip feature on downshifts to reduce loading of the driveline and improve shift feel. Hydraulic clutch actuation reduces lever effort.

Slipstream Collection hand grips, rider floorboard inserts, shifter pegs, brake pedal pad and passenger footpegs.

Mirror Chrome Agitator Custom wheels with matching Agitator floating front brake rotors.

Chrome billet muffler end caps with black spears.

Electronic Cruise Control.

Harley-Davidson® Smart Security System.

Indoor/outdoor motorcycle storage cover; Customer Care Package: tool kit, microfiber detailing cloth, H-D® jiffy stand coaster

Harley-Davidson Museum® Gold Package

For more info: www.harley-davidson.com