2009 Tokyo Motor Show - Tokyo Tones Down

Highlights From The Tokyo Motor Show

Tis the season for manufacturers to unveil models for the upcoming new year, and the hoopla of annual motorcycle showcases is now in full swing. At the top of the circuit is the usually scintillating Tokyo Motor Show, though apparently, this year's edition proved to be very lean due to economic doldrums gripping the industry. None of the European brands were in attendance at the bi-annual motorcycle and auto show, and even Kawasaki skipped it entirely.

From a cruiser standpoint, Honda appeared to have the most metal, announcing two new variations of its "high-neck cruiser", the Fury. The first, called the VT1300CR, adds more bodywork to the production chopper, a la the VTX1300R. That means it goes the classic cruiser route, with larger, deeper fenders and wider tires on new five-spoke wheels. The visual transformation is instant, as the CR rolls on smaller 17- and 15-inch front and rear wheels (respectively) than the 21-inch /18-inch combo of the Fury. That also means the neck space between the frame and the 1312cc V-twin engine has been brought in for a less aggressive demeanor. Honda also mounts the CR's speedo atop the tank (versus the Fury's handlebar unit), and the bars appear to sweep down lower for a looser riding position (though the seat still looks relatively narrow). And that beefy rear fender showcases a large taillight-which looks straight out of the VTX catalog-right in the center of it all.

Like the CR, the new VT1300CS also sports a shorter fork and tighter rake angle, resulting in a less pronounced neck, though it skews to a streetwise style-its smaller fenders and dropped taillight are similar to the Fury's. The CS rolls on sportier five-spoke alloy wheels, with a 21-incher up front and a wide 15-incher out back. The VT1300CS is shorter and thinner than the CR and brings a handlebar similar to the Fury's, which also means the riding position is more aggressive. The seat sports a thinner cushion than the CR while the speedo sits in the middle of a tank-mounted console.

Meanwhile, the Fury is officially out as a 2010 model here in the States. All three versions carry the same liquid-cooled 52-degree V-twin engine mill developed in the VTX1300 cruiser, down to the single-pin crankshaft and dual balancers. Honda has told us the two new versions of the Fury will be available in North America for 2010 as well, and that the VTX1300 series is being phased out.

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