2007 Victory Motorcycles - Hammer S, Kingpin-Based Bagger, Future Touring Motorcycle Lead Announcements

Announcing Its 2007 Motorcycle Line, The Victory Division Of Polaris Industries Unveiled An S Version Of The Hammer Musclebike And A New Tour Version Of The Kingpin. Victory Also Revealed Concept Drawings For A Future Luxury Tourer.

Coming into its ninth year, Victory, the motorcycle division of Polaris Industries, has announced its 2007 models. Its new machines include a Tour version of the Kingpin and a limited-edition of the Hammer, the S. There are also two fresh Ness Signature Series Jackpot models.

However, Victory's biggest news may be a forthcoming model that is nothing more than a concept at this point. Victory teased its entry into this new market segment with glimpses of concept sketches of a luxury touring motorcycle that it's developing.

The Hammer S is a cosmetic variation of the original Hammer, which remains in the line. The S blacks out more components -- engine, fork tubes, belt guard, brake rotors, handlebar, foot controls, mirrors, instruments, oil cooler, master cylinders -- than the standard Hammer, with an eye-catching red color to offset the black. Custom Performance Machine wheels, finished in a red powdercoat, are the major component change. All Victory models except the Vegas 8-Ball ($13,399) now have cast swingarms instead of forged, although the optional chromed swingarms still use the forging. All models except the 8-Ball also get the Jackpot-style headlight. The Hammer S will be priced at $19,749, compared to the standard Hammer's $16,899.

The Kingpin Tour simply adds a trunk (or top box) to the Kingpin Deluxe, which buyers created by ordering small accessory hard saddlebags and a windshield-with-lowers package with the Kingpin. The top box provides 20 liters or 20 pounds of storage and offers a paseenger backrest. The Kingpin Tour replaces the now-discontinued V92 TC, the last of the old-spec Victory motorcycles. The Kingpin Tour's saddlebags, which must make room for the right-side dual mufflers, are noticeably smaller that the TC's hard bags, which had room to be taller because that bike routed one muffler on either side of the motorcycle. All Victory models now have the 100ci Freedom engine and six speeds. The Kingpin Tour is priced at $17,999 or $2000 more than the standard Kingpin and $500 more than the Deluxe. Put another way, adding the top box costs $500.

Except for the TC, the rest of the Victory line returns complete, with more Victory accessories than ever. It starts with all-black Vegas 8-Ball ($13,399), which now has black wheels and a new formed (rather than stitched) seat cover. The Vegas, now the oldest model in the Victory line, is $15,799 for '07. The Vegas Jackpot, introduced for 2006 to offer a sort of OE alternative to the small custom-bike builders' products, is $17,499.

Of course, since it's the most "custom" of Victory's models, both of the 2007 Ness Signature Series models are based on the Jackpot, and both are $22,999. In addition to the raft of custom parts and accessories (seat, wheels, headlight, handlebars, mirrors, pegs, grips, and brake and clutch hoses), each Ness Signature Jackpot gets custom paint, black with green flames on the Arlen-renderd version and silver with blue graphics on the Cory-designed rendition.

To demonstrate its ongoing interest in the lucrative and fast-growing touring segment, Victory showed a selection of concept drawings of a luxury tourer, a bike that may or may not fall in the cruiser category. However, the company offered little more than the teaser drawings seen here with no indication about which one(s) it might pick, when the bike would be produced, or any specifications other than the fact that it would have a V-twin engine and a "full range of modern technology and touring amenities." We wouldn't expect to see it before the 2009 model year, and it could be later than that. Victory just says it will "aggressively enter...the Touring segment over the next few years." The company promised to provide more information in this fall.

Victory comes into 2007 riding a wave of success. Its sales rose by 43% in 2005 and expects to see about 30% growth in 2006, its eighth model year. It had over 300 U.S. dealers by mid 2006 and is looking for 400 by the beginning of 2007. Owners report high satisfaction with their motorcycles and dealers. Victory has moved into the Canadian and British markets, and its new business relationship with Austria's KTM (which it announced that it will not buy) promises to smooth its likely entry into continental European markets. It sees good growth among younger buyers and women. Victory's Custom Order Program, available from August through October, is still the only true custom-build program in the industry, allowing buyers to specify the components, colors, etc. that they want installed when the motorcycle is assembled. This means that you don't pay for components that you don't want just to have them removed and replaced by the dealer.

Victory's new-for-2007 Hammer S gives its musclebike an even more aggressive look.
The Kingpin Tour simply adds a tailbox to the Kingpin Deluxe bagger.
As in the past, Arlen and Cory Ness have put their stamp on limited-edition Victorys, both Jackpots for 2007.
Victory showed four concept sketches of its full dress tourer ideas but gave no hint about which one(s) might be adopted.