2006 Harley Street Rod Headlines New Releases with 1550cc Anniversary Fat Boy and Sportster 883R Motorcycles

The Street Rod gives the basic V-Rod a more sporting focus and ergonomics. The 15th-anniversary Fat Boy is the first regular-production motorcycle to use a 1550cc engine. XR750-derived graphics define the revived 883R.

In a surprise mid-winter announcement, Harley-Davidson rolled out three new motorcycles, including its first 2006 model, the Street Rod, which uses the same basic engine and chassis of the V-Rod, but with slightly improved power, major suspension upgrades and radically different ergonomics. The changes recreate the V-Rod performance cruiser into what Harley calls a roadster, and others might call a sporting standard or naked bike.

2006 VRSCR Street Rod

The Street Rod steps out of Harley traditional cruiser category and seeks to attract riders who were attracted to the brand but wanted better performance in corners or more rational ergonomics. The liquid-cooled 1130cc 60-degree V-twin engine is mechanically identical to the V-Rod's, but the new exhaust system, which also provides more lean angle, adds about three horsepower for a claimed 120-hp total for U.S. models.

Up front, inverted 43mm fork legs are clutched by massive, eye-catching alloy triple clamps, which put them about six degrees closer to vertical than the cruiser's legs and shorten the wheelbase by .7 inch. The fork is also longer. Instead of the cruiser's disc wheels, the roadster has a 10-spoke hoops (an option on the V-Rod), stopped by a pair of 300mm discs and four-piston Brembo calipers. (This is the first time Brembos have been used on a street Harley).

The instrument cluster is the same style but has a bigger, more readable face, especially the tach, The Street Rod's handlebar is flatter and its riser is shorter than the V-Rod's. The footpegs moved back under the rider (the V-Rods are placed far forward). The saddle is a flatter, roomier design, and, thanks to longer shocks, sits about four inches higher 31.0 inches unladen versus 27.1 for the V-Rod. (It's about an inch lower with a rider aboard). The changes shift the riding position from laid-back to slightly canted forward.

The under-seat fuel tank holds an additional 1.3 gallons of fuel (for 5.0 gallons total), which required Harley to rearrange the frame rails. The radiator shroud, fenders, 10-spoke wheels (optional for the V-Rod) and saddle also change the profile slightly, though it's clearly part of the VR family. We rode a prototype and a V-Rod rider parked nearby without ever noticing that the bike next to his was a new model.

The MSRP for the 2006 Harley-Davidson VRSCR Street Rod is $16,495 in black (which comes with a black frame) or $16,740 for pearl colors—yellow, black cherry, blue or orange—with a silver-leaf finish on the frame. Shipping, California emissions and the optional security system ($275) are additional. Street Rods are due in dealers immediately.

Harley-Davidson 's complete press release on the new Street Rod follows:

_MILWAUKEE (January 24, 2005) - In the court of public opinion, the all-new 2006 VRSCR Street Rod might appear guilty of using steroids. But the newest member of the liquid-cooled family of Harley-Davidson motorcycles gets its reputation honestly by combining an upright riding position, 40-degree lean angle and a retuned suspension to deliver a Harley-Davidson that marries custom looks with agile performance.

"Harley-Davidson's racing genes flow throughout the new Street Rod," said Bill Davidson, Harley-Davidson director of marketing, motorcycle product development. "The spirit of our strong racing heritage and the recent success of our NHRA Pro Stock Championship season is evident in the feel and performance of this premium, hot rod roadster."

Carrying on the VRSC family tradition, the Street Rod wields the explosive power of the liquid-cooled, 1130cc Revolution V-Twin engine. In addition, the engine is cradled in a hydroformed, tubular perimeter frame topped with stylized bodywork. A clipped rear fender and 180mm-wide rear tire carry the family looks as well. However, the fuel-injected, 60-degree V-Twin has been pumped up with a pair of chrome straight-shot dual exhaust pipes that help boost horsepower to 120 hp at 8,250 rpm while maintaining its 9,000-rpm redline.

The Street Rod's distinct styling and upright riding position are the result of a new suspension combination, highlighted by massive 43mm inverted forks. Aero-cut polished, forged aluminum triple clamps are equally robust and deliver a steeper rake/fork angle (30/32 degrees) for more aggressive handling in the corners. The change in rake and fork angle shortens the bike's wheelbase by 0.7 inches (to 66.8 inches). When matched with performance suspension calibration on the rear shocks, the set up delivers a sporty, performance-oriented ride.

Complementing the suspension changes is a generous 40-degree lean angle and Brembo four-piston caliper brakes with 300mm dual front rotors. The Street Rod's handlebar and risers are shorter and less swept back. Combined with mid-mounted foot controls and a higher 30-in. seat height, this places the rider forward and into an aggressive position for attacking corners. Fuel capacity of the Street Rod is five gallons.

Adding to the Street Rod's muscular looks are standard 10-spoke Staggered Cast Aluminum wheels, while radial, ZR-rated Dunlop tires deliver the performance message to the pavement with authority.

The VRSCR Street Rod is available in five stunning color options, including Vivid Black with a black frame, or Black Cherry, Rich Sunglo Blue, Mirage Orange and Yellow Pearl all with a silver-leaf frame. Highlighting each paint option is the silver and black engine with polished covers, plus selected, blacked-out components.

The Harley-Davidson VRSCR Street Rod is a 2006 model available now at Harley-Davidson dealerships._

2005 Anniversary FLSTFI Fat Boy Celebrates 15 Years of Corpulence with Fatter Bores

Since its introduction, Harley-Davidson's Fat Boy has been one of America's best-selling motorcycles, setting the standard for the wide, comfortable genre of cruisers. Harley is marking that amazing success with a 15th-anniversary commemorative model. It has the special cosmetic features you expect, but it also gets a 1557cc version of Harley's counterbalanced Big Twin engine, the first time anything but the 1450cc displacement has been used on a regular production Harley. We anticipate that the 1550 will be deployed more widely since most of Harley's competitors' have big twins of 1500cc or more. Though the 1450 motor makes better power than most other V-twins of similar displacement, it may start to be perceived of as small in a world of 1500 to 2000cc V-twins.

The remainder of the Fat Boy's anniversary treatment is cosmetic. It gets a new seat. The signature disc wheels are chromed. Gold striping highlights the air cleaner, timer cover and ignition switch plate. A 24K gold-plated tank emblem completes the anniversary treatment.

The 15th anniversary Fat Boy MSRP is $18,495 in black or silver, though many dealers will probably put a premium on them.

The following is Harley's statement about the 15th-Anniversary Fat Boy:

_For 15 years the Fat Boy has ruled the heavyweight cruiser class by blending classic hardtail styling with a heart-pounding counter-balanced V-Twin engine. The 15th Anniversary Edition Fat Boy commemorates the model's journey with an extra helping of chrome, performance and style.

Its signature solid disc wheels have been chromed, making a visual statement that's as powerful as it is custom. The two color options--Vivid Black and Brilliant Silver, a nod to the original color introduced in 1990--are complemented by a matched paint scheme on its counter-balanced V-Twin motor. A 24K gold-plated tank emblem and unique Badlander-inspired, double-stitched seam seat, gold striped air cleaner cover, timer cover and ignition switch plate are unique custom treatments.

Driving that point home is a big bore, fuel-injected 1550cc Twin Cam 95 engine producing 87.1-ft.-lbs. of torque at 4000 rpm. It's counterbalanced and solid-mounted to deliver the Softail's tightly-framed, timeless style and strong roll-on power with just the right amount of feedback to the rider. The 15th Anniversary Fat Boy will be available until June 2005, while supplies last._

**Return of the Sportster 883R **

Before rolling out its current Sportster chassis, which rubber mounts the engine to squelch vibration before it reaches the rider, Harley had an R model in its 883 Sportster line. The new 883R revives the concept with the new rubber-mount chassis, making it much smoother and more rideable. Although its also available in black, the real 883R is distinguished by its orange-and-black paint scheme, which mimics Harley racing colors. The racing graphics are complemented with black finishes on the engine, air cleaner, fork sliders, shocks and headlight eyebrow. The bike is the only 883 with dual disc brakes up front.

Harley's suggested prices for the 883R are $7,595 for black or $7,815 for racing orange (before shipping, California emissions and options).

The following is Harley's release on the 883R:

_The Sportster XL883R pays tribute to the famed Harley-Davidson XR dirt track racers with eye-catching, race-inspired styling elements. Most noticeable are the blacked-out Evolution powertrain and race-ready 883R graphics on the classic, orange 3.3-gallon fuel tank.

A staggered shorty dual exhaust system and dual front disc brakes reflect the 883R's competitive DNA. Blacked-out components like fork sliders, headlamp eyebrow, handlebars, air cleaner cover and rear shock springs enhance its distinctive style and make it a fun bike to ride.

Like all 2005 model year Sportsters, the 883R offers uncompromised comfort and handling thanks to its redesigned-in-2004 Evolution engine that's rubber-mounted to a stronger, more rigid frame._

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2006 Street Rod
Anniversary Fat Boy
Sportster 883R
A new exhaust gives the Street Rod more power than the V-Rod. New fenders give its own style.
Longer suspension increases cornering clearance and raises seat height.
Gauges read easier thn the V-Rod's
Harley made space for a larger fuel tank under the seat.
Less-restrictive pipe improves power and gives a throatier note.
Fork is longer, the handlebar lower.
The Street Rod is the first street Harley to use Brembo brakes.
Still Fat after all these year, but now packing 1550cc.
Gold striping recalls the yellow on first-year Fat Boys.
The anniversary model only comes in two colors.
Dual front discs and spiffy graphics define the 883R.
If you liked the old 883R style, now you can have it smooth.