2000 Cruiser Of The Year Contenders

What bikes were runner ups for 2000 Cruiser of the Year accolades?

This article was originally featured in the December 2000 issue of Motorcycle Cruiser.

2000 Victory V92SCDean Groover

Victory V92SC

If for nothing else, the V92SC would be memorable for naming a concept that other companies' products have previously embodied: sport-cruiser. By giving it a name, Victory has also created a subcategory, one that could be appealing to experienced riders who are casting covetous eyes on cruisers but aren't moved by motorcycles that suddenly become uncool when a corner appears on the road ahead. Though our April comparison ("The Magnificent Seven") didn't pick the V92SC as the most effective example of the sport-cruiser concept, it is an appealing motorcycle nonetheless. In fact, we are having trouble prying our test bike loose from Feature Editor Brasfield so we can return it to Victory.

2000 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic FIDean Groover

Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic FI

Many small changes have combined to offer a significant advance for what until this year (when Yamaha's Road Star took the lead) has been the best-selling metric cruiser. We always liked the original 1500 Classic, and Kawasaki's five-year plan for the bike, which has yielded incremental improvements, has only increased our fondness. But the FI improved on the 1500 Classic's already attractive lines, added some much needed range with a bigger fuel tank and boosted power slightly. We may yet see the Vulcan musclebike that so many readers say they want….