101 Year Old Veteran Takes One Last Harley Ride

VFW rallies to take Ray Weser out for 'One Last Ride'

At 101 years old, Ray Weser has been a fan of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles since he was a teenager. “Harley dripping oil, smoke coming out of everywhere and I fell in love with motorcycles right there!" Weser said. After falling in love with the machines, he then pursued a career with the Motor Co. that lasted 24 years.

With his 102nd birthday coming up in December, the local Arizona VFW Group wanted to do something special for Ray. They rallied for what they called "One Last Ride," and about 50 bikes showed up to take the veteran out for a cruise. From the look on his face in this photo, it looks like he's reliving the glory days and having the time of his life!

We love to see lifelong riders and veterans rewarded with love and appreciation like this!

H-D Trike
101 year old Ray Weser out for a cruise on a new H-D Trike!KPHO/KTVK